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What is Amibroker AFL? How to Lock Amibroker AFL?

Amibroker is world famous Trading Analysis Tool. Amibroker provide best charting solution for mostly all instruments. Amibroker design such a way that you can code and back-test your trading idea. And do paper trading or direct trading from Amibroker Charting software. Amibroker Formula Language – AFL: Amibroker has its own coding language it’s called AFL. […]

How to Use ADX Indicator for Day Trading?

Lets 1st discussed about What is ADX indicator? ADX indicator – True Trend Strength Indicator The ADX (Average Directional Index) is a creation from technical analysis legend J. Welles Wilder.Trading with adx is help you to reduce risk and increased profit chance. How? ADX (average directional index) is help to you determine price trend strength. […]

Which is the best Intraday trading AFL code for Amibroker?

The best Intraday trading AFL code for Amibroker Before we discussed about best intraday trading afl code. You should know what is AFL code and how its working. Amibroker Formula Language (AFL): AFL is a level language which is used by amibroker to create Trading systems and Algorithms. It is very easy to understand for non-programmer […]

Swing Trading System AFL

Swing Trading Strategies for Amibroker (AFL) Hello Traders, Below points are useful for any successful swing trading strategy. Swing traders must make the right choice to build an effective strategy. Adopt a customized holding period that fits for risk profile and position management. Spend more time controlling losses then seeking profit Specialize on single pattern for […]

ADX – Indicator

ADX – Indicator ADX – Indicator – Amibroker Coding AFL The ADX (Average Directional Index) is a creation from technical analysis legend J. Welles Wilder. The ADX is a lagging indicators used to assess the strength of a trend. The ADX can be used on any trading time frame to determine key turning points in […]

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