What is Inflation ? Measures to Tackle Inflation

Inflation is a very complex procedure wherein the purchasing power of money decreases with time. In other words when the price of any goods or services increases with time it becomes more costly than it was before. On the other hand the value of money still remains the same. Hence in the same amount of […]

Coal Crisis In India ? : What Can be the Effects of the Same ?

Coal is one of the most important resources of Electricity and energy in India. The coal industry has been one of the most preferred modes of electricity for many years. The Industry accounts for almost 70% of electricity generation in India. India has made a lot of progress into renewable sources of energy and that […]

Tata Sons Win the Bid for Air India : Air India Privatization

Air India is the third largest airline in India. The company initiated its operations in 1932. The then owner of the company was JRD Tata or Tata Sons. The conglomerate started its operations with a vision to become the largest airline in the world. JRD was himself a pilot and hence initiated the airlines with […]

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