Rolex Rings Limited IPO : Key Highlights and Company Information

Rolex Rings Limited initiated its operations in 2003. The company is among the top 5 forging companies domestically. The company exports its products to more than 15 countries. The major ones are Germany, France, Thailand, USA, Italy etc. Rolex Rings has a manufacturing capacity of 144700 MTA. This product comes through the production facilities at […]

Glenmark Life Sciences IPO : Highlights and Financial Information

Glenmark Life Sciences initiated its operations in 2011. It is the leader in the manufacturing of the API. It produces APIs for multiple fields of diagnosis. The company also functions into contract based development and manufacturing of operations. The company exports to many countries like Japan, Latin America, North America and Europe. There are a […]

Reliance Takes Controlling Interest in Just Dial

About JustDial JustDial has been the leader as a database holder. In other terms we can see it is one of the most prominent information gathering units of India. It has information about many businesses and individuals given its 15 years business journey of data collection. This has enabled JustDial to be the leader in […]

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited IPO : All You Need to Know

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited has been one of the leaders in the manufacturing of SDAs in India. The company initiated its operations in 1996. It has exposure across various industries namely agrochemicals, automotive, pigments, petroleum, pharmaceutical, paints and coatings and personal care. Its major revenue comes through export business. The company exports its products […]

Tourism in Current Times : Benefits and the Side Effects ?

Tourism industry is on the rise in current times. The COVID situation has made it forceful for people to stay captive in their own places. This has resulted in a complete shutdown of many resorts and hotels. As per psychology when humans are denied of something they tend to get attracted towards that particular thing. […]

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