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How to Select Stocks for Swing Trading?

5 Tips for Picking the Right Stocks for Swing Trading When it comes to swing trading, each retail trader has its own strategy to select stocks. Some choose scripts based on technical analysis, some on fundamental analysis, some follow price-action based strategy, etc. All of them swear by their strategy. But do you really think […]

How to Select Stocks for Intraday Trading?

When I ask people how to select stocks for intraday trading, I always get different answers. Some say track the news, some suggest to go for volume gainer, some recommend looking for high quality stocks, etc. I tried them all but nothing worked. Then One day I met a professional trader who taught me the […]

How to use Zerodha Brokerage Calculator?

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for 2020 Mr. Raval is an Intraday and Swing trader.  Everyday he sits down to analyze how many shares he wants to buy or sell the next day, at which price he wants to buy or sell, what would be the target price and what would be the stop loss price. The […]

Why Tax Planning is Necessary?

The Top Reasons You Should Prioritize Tax Planning Mr. Sharma and Mr. Chauhan are partners in a business. In addition to their business earning, both are very good at generating income from other sources like equity investment, buying or selling properties after a certain period of holding, life insurances, etc. Also, both of them pay […]

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