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Investing 101- How to invest in mutual funds?

Mutual fund investments are becoming very successful with individual investors because of the perks they present. Mutual fund expenditures may seem complex for first-time investors as it can be confusing on certain occasions. Understanding how mutual funds function is the fundamental move in your investment adventure.   It is always a pleasant time to spend on […]

The Future of Indian Economy

The coronavirus demise damage in India has crossed 50,000 and is still rising, though at a declining rate. The increase in daily deaths has stalled from 20% at the beginning of April to smaller than 2% now. The restoration rate is also increasing, while the extinction rate is sinking. A vaccine will plausibly be prepared […]

A Business that can survive any Pandemic

When it comes to surviving the Pandemic, almost every second industry is going through a rough patch. The COVID-19 panic has once again set pharma stocks on fire and multiple investors ask if this is the start of another influential bull run. From Automobiles to big beamed networking companies, everyone has seen their fair share […]

Direct Mutual Fund vs Regular Mutual Fund

Hello Friends, “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” What is the difference between Direct Mutual Fund vs Regular Mutual Fund. Let’s discuss, Mutual Fund scheme has a Direct Plan and a Regular Plan. A Direct Plan – You can buy directly from the mutual fund companies usually from websites and Regular Plan – […]

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