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Harmonic Pattern AFL

Harmonic Trading  AFL 1st of all What is Harmonic Trading? Harmonic trading is base on price patterns and Fibonacci ratios. with base of both its highly probable point of reversal patterns. Harmonic trading also say Harmonic Patterns – which patterns repeat themselves.base on rule of methodology of primary ratio like – 0.382 , 0.50 , […]

How to Trade in Range Breakouts

How to trade in Range Breakouts Every day trading system conforms to intraday breakouts. Traders use breakouts to set entry points and exit targets for their trades. In this article, we will cover four strategies for How to trade early morning range breakouts (EMRB). What is the Early Morning Range Breakout? The Early Morning Range […]

Swing Trading System AFL

Hello Traders, below points are useful for any successful Swing trading strategy. Swing trading must make the right choice to build an effective strategy. adopt a customized holding period that fits for risk profile and position management. Spend more time controlling losses then seeking profit specialize on single pattern for as long as it produce […]

Swing Trading Rules

Every one talk about Swing trading. with explosive growth of the internet and mobile trading a new breed of Programming speculators has evolved. Armed with High Tech tools , this traders access Dalal-street from there mobile or VPS. They believe use of skill rather then luck. they are smart speculator. Swing Trading is one of […]

Money Management Matters In Trading

    It is a common assumption that most traders lose money, while winning traders are few and far between. But what sets these winners apart from the masses? It isn’t the ability to pick precision entries, but rather an understanding of money management. Practicing Discipline Money management may be the most overlooked area of […]

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