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Defining The Term Insider Trading : Real Life Examples Of It

Insider trading is usage of privileged information for performance of trade. Whenever a person holds more than 10% of a company’s he or she becomes the insider of that particular company. The shareholding presents them with more information regarding the company as they get a seat at the table. Hence whenever a person holds such […]

The Impact of FII Cash Flows on the Indian Stock Market

First of all let’s understand what is FII ? FII or Foreign institutional investor is an investment fund or individual investor who invests in countries other than he is registered in. It includes investment banks, insurance companies, Large corporates or MNCs, hedge funds, pension funds etc. FII is a well known term for Indian stock […]

Currency Trading in India : Overall Information from Basics

Currency trading is known as FOREX market. Here the currencies of the entire world are traded with the decentralized or OTC procedure. They are traded on platforms offered by BSE, NSE, MCX-SX and USE (united stock exchange). It is said that FOREX market is open 24*7 because it is a decentralized business and hence with […]

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