Choosing A Best Broker in India


Compare Broker OR Choosing A Broker is Big Task

One of the most important decision Compare Broker before you start investing in Stock Market is choosing right broker or best broker in India.

Brokers in India

There are more then 1500+ broker in india out of  1500+ broker 200 + broker are national Presence or leading broker in other words. now days there are so many broking company offer so many different plan and service which plan suits your requirement and which service best for you!

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Here we are trying to give you few bullet points which you need to watch before Choosing a Broker.

  • Brokerage – Yes!, Brokerage is key for any successful investor or trader because most of time brokerage cost took more then 50% of your profit ( considering profitable and lose making both trades). Now Days two mainly broker Full Service broker and Discount Broker in india. Compare Broker Brokerage and Plan they offer if you are novice investor who wants hand picking investment ideas or service they you should go with full service broker. but gradually when you understand investment method and DIY in investing or trading you should always check Discount Broker   see the difference.
  • Availability – Check their website how many state they are presence, Compare Broker Reach how many support center they have in you city. send them few mail during trading hrs and check there response time.
  • Trading Platform – 21 Century is internet world, every other task will do online now days. from railway ticket booking, banking transaction to online grocery shopping. its old days when you called your broker and ask stock price its time for check price and trade online. Always ask your broker how many trading platform they offer – are they user friendly ? they provide mobile trading or not ? its key feature now days to choosing trading Platform
  • Broker Background –  as we always check movie rating before going to watch movie then its matter of money or investment, you should check Broker rating before start investing with them. Compare Broker Client Base – how many client trade with them ? any complain register in exchange – you can check here
  • After Sales Service – nothing more important then after sales service, in product purchase same with broker selection. You should check their customer service counts or raking before selection. Call their customer service center understand they knowledge and ability to handle your query ask as many as question before start application with them. clear your all doubts before join.
  • Your Money Safe ! – Yes – this check list answer always yes if your want to join any investment broker. you can check this by asking their risk management policy and payout time request if any broker take more risk on their client trade then sooner or later you will face problem. check always are they follow exchange guidelines. ask them payout system or processes.
  • Products they offer –  are they only provide equity trading ? extra can make a difference. Successful investment key is assets allocation. ask your broker they provide mutual fund investment option – are they support in financial planning. are they provided any research on investment or tools for investments.

Above bullet points are important before Open Account with Broker

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