How to Compare Brokerage Firms?

compare brokerage firms

Steps to Compare Brokerage Firms in India

Compare Brokerage firms is most important decision or you can say 1st step of Investment process.

In India more then 1500 stock brokers and 200+ stock brokers presence all over India.  Its very tough for laymen to understand or find which stock broker is best for them.

Here will try to simplified & understand point which need to keep in mind before selecting right broker for you.

  • Brokerage Charges: Before Selecting broker you should compare brokerage charges with other leading broker in India. Because brokerage charges play key role in investment and trading cost. As low as brokerage charges as fast as you can achieve BEP. After 2010 Discount Brokerage Firm offer you lowest brokerage charges compare to traditional Brokerage company – Check Top 10 Discount Brokerage Company In India.
  • Trading Terminal or Software: Like said if you win battle you need latest weapon same with to edge with market or successful trader you need best trading terminal which allow you to scan best market opportunity. Ask your broker to provide you in-depth Trading software demo and features they offer. – Zerodha Kite & Sharekhan Trade Tiger is one of best Trading terminal now days in India. Upstox Pro also offer simple UI trading terminal.
  • Client Education Programme: Broker should give educational knowledge to their clients but in India very few broker offer this to their client. Most of broker gives trading tips and investment idea to their client but few broker teaching client how to read company balance sheet or read technical chart. – Zerodha Varsity – offer to client free of cost market education portal its interactive Blog where you can learn and ask your query related to market.
  • Broker Financial Strength: 2008 Market Crash lots of Broker default their client payout and sell their client stock without client obligation. Broker financial strength most important point which every one avoiding or don’t look. Ask your broker’s last yr PAT fig., check either they are involving in any Pro-trading, they maintain proper RMS to their client.
  • Pan India Presence: Now days everything goes online but still for somany things we need to visit broker office like physical share dematerlised, POA sign , required local language support. Compare Broker Pan India Presence before selecting right broker for you.
  • Hidden Cost: Broker sometime offer you low brokerage and set of that brokerage loss in hidden cost. Before sign up with broking house ask broker their charge list. Check charges with other brokers before go with it.

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Compare Broker Account Opening Charges and Trading Charges

  • Product Umbrella: Finally check and compare broker product range- are they offer whole financial product range or only equity investment. 

You can compare about service related parameters like History, customer care, support, research reports, unique and much more.

With complete categorization across cost, product and service parameters, you can easily filter the required brokers as per your need in a single snapshot.

Happy Investing.

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