Upstox Brokerage Charges, Margin, Trading Policy and Review 2021

Upstox/RKSV Review 2021

Upstox / RKSV Broker Review 2021

Upstox is a discount brokerage firm which gives one of the best rates in the market for trading in commodities, currency, equity, futures and options.One can also invest money into mutual funds and all these can be carried out from one single application (UPSTOX PRO).  It also renders technical outlook and chart presentation on it’s online platform along with Algo trading in India. Upstox/RKSV renders free trading accounts and charges 25 Rs.+ GST for it’s account maintenance charges. Annually this sums up to approximately 360 Rs. It charges Rs.20 or 0.05% of turnover whichever is lower for commodity futures, equity intraday, equity futures and currency futures. Whereas Rs. 20 is brokerage fixed for equity options, currency options and commodity options transactions.

Zero Brokerage Demat Account

Upstox Sub Broker Review

Upstox has opened Upstox Franchise for its presence in offline trading business. It has covered a large client base in a short span of time. Under Upstox Franchise a person can become a partner with Upstox and become a Sub-broker. For all the sub-brokers there is a single business model and they get a share from the revenue generated by their clients. Earning share for sub-brokers has been set by Upstox ranging from 10-30 % of their client revenue. A person can become a part of this Upstox Franchise by depositing an amount of 3000 Rs charged by SEBI and Upstox together after the Upstox team verifies him for the same..

Upstox Customer Review

Upstox does not provide 24/7 online customers but it does provide email services with a time frame of 2 hours for reply. It provides very low brokerage charges in the market and has a pretty decent amount of margin offered to clients. Upstox provides financial outlooks and daily market updates through pop-ups. It also provides IPO services through it’s online platform only. The only question left now would be “Is Upstox Safe?”. Well this question could be answered by the figure of it’s active trading account which crossed the 1 million mark this year. Hence it has a great reach and could be trusted. It also offers new account holders with a beginners course for 6 months, money control pro access till 1 year and stock edge premium membership for 3 months.

From this upstox review it can be proved that it is one of the best discount brokers in India along with Zerodha and 5 Paisa.

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Account Opening

  • A/c opening charges – 0 Rs.
  • A/c maintenance charges – 30 Rs. per month


Equity delivery FREE
Equity future Rs. 20 or 0.05% of turnover (whichever is less)
Equity options Rs. 20 per trade
Equity Intraday Rs. 20 or 0.05% of turnover (whichever is less)
Commodity future Rs. 20 or 0.05% of turnover (whichever is less)
Commodity options Rs. 20 per trade
Currency futures Rs. 20 or 0.05% of turnover (whichever is less)
Currency options Rs. 20 per trade

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Upstox Margin / Exposures / Intraday Leverage

Equity delivery 1 times 
Equity future 3 times (basic account)
Equity options 3 times (basic account)
Equity Intraday 15 times (basic account)
Commodity future 2.5 times (basic account)
Commodity options 2.5 times (basic account)
Currency futures 4 times (basic account)
Currency options 4 times (basic account)

Upstox Trading Platform

  • Upstox Web Pro

With the initiation of discount broking in India more people started opening DEMAT accounts and trading. Upstox has Upstox PRO for online trading and analysis. It is an easy to use platform with more than 99 indicators and algo trading facility. Also there are robotic alerts available in it. 

Key Features of Upstox Pro are :

  • Upstox pro allows you to track live market movements. Trading is the key feature on it and any user can pursue it using different techniques. There are indicators provided and charting available to trace the market movements. With a perfect strategy and using the Take profit and SL feature correctly anybody can earn well. Also the trading done is accurate and speedy and hence the price at time of trading is precise.
  • Bank transfer with more than 30 banks is available hence payment through multiple platforms is possible.
  • Margin alerts and charges are given so that one can be updated with the usage. By this one can easily avoid penalties.
  • Accurate trades at one click are available.
  • Quick and daily notifications about market updates and movements.
  • Back office sheets provided at the end of day are easy to analyse.

Upstox Mobile App

Upstox Mobile app is supported by both IOS and Android. Paperless facilities for opening trading accounts.

Customer Service & Support

  • Customer Care and support available online
  • 24/7 email support

Other Product and Services

  • Mutual fund
  • Education
  • News
  • Overnight funds
  • Trading across all exchanges
  • Money control pro membership for a year
  • Stock edge premium pack for 3 months
  • Free online financial courses for 6 months

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