Maharashtra Political Crisis : Entire Scenario Explained

Maharashtra, also known as the heart of India , has been under a massive political crisis for the last 2 weeks. The ruling party before the crisis Maha Vikas Aghadi Party was a mixture of Congress Party, NCP and Shiv Sena. The election of 2019 had resulted in BJP forming a majority. The BJP had […]

Results of the Govt.’s Efforts to Bring Down Inflation So Far

Inflation is one of the most infamous words of the current times. Whenever the markets hear or merely sense this word they become unstable and lose a huge amount of gains. However the situation has been quickly understood and necessary actions are straight away implied by the government on the economy. The government understands that […]

Current Situation of Zomato : Blinkit Deal

The Indian markets are currently facing a major correction given the price stabilisation efforts from the government. The central bank has been increasing the rates of interest so that the liquidity flow can be controlled. This has resulted in lowering the profit margins of companies and hence the entire market is panicking with losses. The […]

Analyzing the Indian Economy through Crude Oil and Currency

Indian Markets are one of the worst performing markets in the month of May. This is the reason why the ranking of Indian from the top performers across the world fell to number 3. The indices have lost major valuations given the FII money pull out and the Inflation trends. Hence the entire market is […]

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