Nykaa to Plan an IPO : First Profitable Startup to Launch IPO

Nykaa has initiated its operation since 2012. It has been turning its business into a huge success. The company has achieved the position of one of the leaders in omnichannel destinations for beauty products in India. Nykaa is not only famous for women’s beauty products but it has also started the men’s beauty business line. […]

Windlas Biotech Limited IPO : All You need to Know

Windlas Biotech has been a market dominator in the field of CDMO. The company has various tie ups and daily business with some of the renowned pharmaceuticals of India. Some of them are Sanofi India Ltd., Pfizer Ltd., Cadila Healthcare etc. It has a manufacturing facility in Dehradun. The capacity ranges to approx. 7000 Million […]

Decoding REIT and InvIT : Details About Their Future Scope

What are REITs and InvITs ? REIT and InvIT are frequently used terms in the Indian Stock markets. The reason behind them is the launch of multiple company’s IPOs in recent times. The most famous REIT category IPO launch is Happiest Minds. In the InvIT category a recent IPO launch is done in the name […]

Rolex Rings Limited IPO : Key Highlights and Company Information

Rolex Rings Limited initiated its operations in 2003. The company is among the top 5 forging companies domestically. The company exports its products to more than 15 countries. The major ones are Germany, France, Thailand, USA, Italy etc. Rolex Rings has a manufacturing capacity of 144700 MTA. This product comes through the production facilities at […]

Glenmark Life Sciences IPO : Highlights and Financial Information

Glenmark Life Sciences initiated its operations in 2011. It is the leader in the manufacturing of the API. It produces APIs for multiple fields of diagnosis. The company also functions into contract based development and manufacturing of operations. The company exports to many countries like Japan, Latin America, North America and Europe. There are a […]

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