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Which Indicators are the best for Intraday Trading?

Most Accurate Intraday Trading Indicators Which Indicators are the best for Intraday Trading? Intraday Trading sounds interesting right everyone want to be successful Trader. Because its very attractive profile where thrill and money both are there. But before we start about which indicator you should focus on intraday trading we should know what is intraday trading? […]

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Supertrend Indicator – What is, How to Use, Formula

What is Supertrend Indicator? Are you an intraday trader? – Of course yes that’s why you are here.  it’s probable that you utilize technical indicator for spotting transactions by using different indexes. A’Supertrend‘ indicator is just one, which may provide you exact buy or sell signal in a trending market. As its name implies,’Supertrend’ is […]

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Zerodha Varsity Review

Share Market Education by Zerodha Varsity Varsity – is an education initiative by Zerodha for its clients and all others free of cost. Zerodha is technology based start up who redefined the broking business in India. Started his business in 2010 with innovative discount broking model. They introduced so many Trading tools for their client […]

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Housewife to Entrepreneur: Where Should You Start?

Marriage makes a tremendous difference in an Indian woman’s life; I must say, most woman aren’t the same after. No woman sacrifices career and dreams with a happy heart; Women wishfully sacrifice, however deep down inside heart, yet they feel extremely heavy for the sacrifice. “What have I achieved in life?”, I always ask myself […]