Zerodha Varsity Review

Zerodha Varsity Review

Share Market Education by Zerodha Varsity

Varsity – is an education initiative by Zerodha for its clients and all others free of cost.

Zerodha is technology based start up who redefined the broking business in India. Started his business in 2010 with innovative discount broking model.

They introduced so many Trading tools for their client as well as open for all.

Z-Connect Blog by Zerodha is 1st kind of Informative blog in India Stock Market which maintain by Broker. Few Blogs is super hit like Taxation Simplified, Zerodha Margin Calculator, Bracket Order & Trailing StopLoss.

They introduced Varsity which is a package of in depth knowledge of stock market broken into modules on various topics ranging from introductory knowledge to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Trading Psychology, Risk Management, etc. Author Mr. Karthik Rangappa put so much effort to write down this module in so simple language with simple and understandable examples. Unique things are they created interactive question and answer section where expert clear your doubt on that particular module.

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Zerodha believe that Stock Trading or investment is business and for every business you should have knowledge for it. Zerodha Varsity is a way where you can learn how to read fundamental of any particular stock for long term investment. And if you are day trader then they will teach you what’s stop loss how to understand trend of market and earn from it.

Being Rich from Stock market is not journey that has short cuts. You should have knowledge about market sentiments and expert knowledge of Fundamental and technical of stocks.

ZerodhaVaristy is an Online library where you can learn all this.

VARSITY By Zerodha has different modules. – Click Here

  1. Introduction of Stock Market: Download

  • Learn about how stock market function ,
  • Role of regulators ,
  • Who is financial intermediaries ,
  • What is IPO
  • Importance of Trading Terminal
  • Clearing and settlement Process
  • Corporate action and its effect on stock
  1. Technical Analysis: Download

  • Types of Chart
  • Candlesticks
  • Candlesticks pattern
  • Support and Resistance
  • Volume is key
  • Different Type of Moving Averages
  • Different type of Indicators
  • Dow Theory
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  1. Fundamental Analysis: Download

  • How to read Annual Report of Company
  • Understanding of P&L Statement
  • Understanding of Balance sheet
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Equity Research
  1. Future Trading: Download

  • What is Future market and Forward market
  • Leverage benefits and lose
  • Margin and MTM calculations
  • Hedging with Future
  • Open Interest Calculation
  1. Options Theory for Professional Trading: Download

  • What is call option and put option
  • Option Greek
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Volatility Calculation
  • Volatility applications
  • Vega
  • Greek Interactions
  • Greek Calculator use
  1. Option Strategies: Download

  • Different Type of Option Strategies
  • Max Pain & PCR
  1. Markets And Taxation: Download

  • Classifying Market activity
  • Taxition for Traders
  • ITR Forms
  1. Currency, Commodity and Government Securities: Download

  • Currency Market basic
  • Reference rates and its working
  • Impact of Calendar event
  • USDINR pair trading
  • Gold Trading
  • Silver Trading
  • Crude Oil Trading
  • Copper , Aluminium , Lead and Nickel Trading
  • Natural Gas
  • Cross currency
  • G-Sec investment and comparison
  1. Risk Management & Trading Psychology : Download

  • Risk Calculation
  • Money Management
  • Variance & Covariance
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Equity Curve
  • Expected Return
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Position Sizing for active trader
  • Trader mind set
  1. Trading System : Coming Soon

Zerodha Varsity Key Benefits 

  • Its very easy to understand – very simple language and Explanation
  • Its Online – Always available on your demand.
  • Its very well Structured – Its basically module wise so you can read what you want to read. Every module has chapters its give you entire picture what you are going to learn form it.
  • Its is Interactive – its 1st time of Online Library for Stock market where you can ask question and expert advice on it.

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Its Free– Yes you read right. Zerodha Varsity is completely FREE for all.

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