Zerodha Streak Algo Trading

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading

What is Zerodha Streak?

Introduction of Zerodha Streak – Hey, it’s time to Go Algo, every other person in industry want to trade automatically (with help of Algorithm) or Robo Trading. But, major concern is very few people know programming language. So how to code and trade without programming knowledge here is best way to go algo with 5 steps. Zerodha leading discount broker introduce Streak – Algo Trade, without coding.

Algorithmic trading platform Streak AI Technology Pvt. Ltd has raised Rs 2.25 crore ($354,600) in seed funding from Indian fintech fund and startup incubator Rainmatter (  Manged by Zerodha ), the company said. has so far invested in eight fintech startups, including Tradelabs, Smallcase, Digio, Balance, Sensibull and Streak.

Zerodha Streak by Zerodha allow you to create, backtest, and deploy algo trading live in the market without coding. Sound interesting right?

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Zerodha Streak Review

The streak is the world’s first retail algo trading platform that requires Zero coding skills. Streak has integrated its platform with Zerodha, India’s largest discount broker and is happy to serve 900000+ Zerodha customers.

Streak has more than 60 technical indicators that you use to create more than 1 million unique algos with various permutation and combinations. You can assess the list of indicators here.

The Streak interface is simple, intuitive and unbelievably comfortable. It lets you create algos under a minute. Backtest these algos on historical market data and deploy these algos live in the market. The deployed algos generates one click actionable notification on which users can enter and exit positions.

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Zerodha Streak Price

  • Basic –  Rs 500 + GST ( Monthly )
  • PREMIUM – Rs 900 + GST ( Monthly )
  • ULTIMATE – Rs 1400 + GST ( Monthly )

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Go Algoin 5 Steps – Algo Trading without Coding

Let’s Start how to Trade in Streak – Now everyone can go Algo With Zerodha Streak. Follow essential step to Create Algo and trade like pro.

  • Create
  • Backtest
  • Deploy
  • Get notified
  • Place Order

#1. Create Algo

Using Streak’s intuitive interface and elegant design creating an algo is as simple as typing out technical indicators, keying in stop loss and target profit percentage and selecting the stocks you want to trade with.

Learn How to Create Zerodha Streak Strategy

Some of the most used technical indicators like Supertrend, MACD, RSI, Momentum indicator, Moving Average etc., are available on our platform.

Following Parameters Required to Create Algo

  • Time Frame – 1 min to 30 mins, 1 hr or 1 Day
  • Script / Instrument Name : Currently Zerodha Streak support NSE Equity , Future & Option and NSE Currency
  • Quantity : you can mention Quantity before you create algo – In Equity your Quantity its count stock / Share and in F&O and Currency its count – Lot size
  • Position : are you going for intraday – MIS Or are you want to hold position overnight – NRLM for future & Option , Currency and CNC for Delivery
  • Indicator : Now its time to Use Indicator – Currently Zerodha Streak Provide 60 indicators ( they keep adding more indicator on a weekly basis)
  • Parameter / Comparator: – here you can mention logic of your indicator work – ( higher than or lower than or below or above ) Open, High, Close, LOW
  • Stop Loss / Target: you can Mention Stop Loss and Target here before deploy strategy
  • Name of Strategy: Give Name to your Strategy

#2. Backtest your Algo

Run your Algo on relevant Historical price data of your selected instrument. Backtest result include maximum gain / loss , max drawdown , Avg Profit Point / Loss Point , PNL Curve. After Create Algo you must backtest 1st before deploy.

Image of Backtest your Algo

#3. Deploy

Once your backtest complete Deploy your Algo for live notification. You will get actionable alert based on your strategy. You an deploy upto 150 algosIn live market base on your plan.

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#4. Get Notification

You will get actionable notification on your web or mobile – just One Click away to place order before that you should allow Streak.

Get Notification

#5. Place Order

Once your order placed you can track your Position. Positions also has a EXIT ALL option.

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Zerodha Streak Mobile App:

Zerodha Streak run on cloud base technology, you can access all your algo and trades on your mobile. Streak mobile app clear & elegant UI, Track real time profit and loss position and get actional alert on your mobile anywhere.

Streak available on Android as well as IOS.

Zerodha Streak Strategy Which works well with Streak

#1. Parabolic SAR (PSAR)

Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reversal) indicator helps the trader in assessing the direction of the stock’s movement Developed by Welles Wilder . Name suggests – SAR (Stop and Reverse) not only suggests the trader to stop holding the position but also to reverse the position when the existing position is closed.

Parabolic SAR is running below the Stock’s price then the trader is advised to hold the position on the long side. When the Parabolic SAR moves above the price, then the trader is advised to close the long position and initiate a short position.

BUY Condition

Buy ___ shares when Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2) crosses below Close at 1 hour interval using candlestick chart.
Enter trade between 09:00 to 17:00

Exit Condition

Sell ___ shares when Parabolic SAR(0.02,0.2) crosses above Close or at a Stop loss of 0.2% or Take profit of 0.5% at 1 hour interval using candlestick chart.

#2. DEMA Short

Short Condition

SELL ___ shares when 10 dema crosses below 20 dema or close crosses below 30 dema at 1 hour interval using candlestick chart.
Enter trade between 09:00 to 17:00

Exit Condition

BUY ___ shares at Stop loss of 1.0% or Take profit of 2.5% at 1 hour interval using candlestick chart.

Will keep adding more Strategy here…

Happy Trading

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