Lowest Brokerage Charges for Commodity (MCX) Trading in India

lowest brokerage charges for commodity trading in india

Lowest Brokerage Charges MCX – Commodity


Are you searching for Lowest Brokerage Charges in MCX or Commodity? Then your search ends here. InvestAllign which is a one of top 10 Discount Stock Brokers in India offers low brokerage charges in commodity. Before will talk about Low Brokerage for Commodity trading in India. Lets see when Commodity trading start in India. And What is Commodity Market.

The advent of economic liberalization helped the cause of laying emphasis on the importance of commodities trading. By the beginning of 2002, there were about 20 commodity exchanges in India, trading in 42 commodities, with a few commodities being traded internationally.

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Today, apart from numerous regional exchanges, India has six national commodity exchanges namely, Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), National Multi-Commodity Exchange (NMCE) and Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX), the ACE Derivatives exchange (ACE) and the Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX).

The regulatory body is forward markets commission( FMC ) was set up in 1953 and Sep 2015 FMC was merged with Securities exchange board of india ( SEBI ).

Commodity market is very different from equity & currency market.

Commodities actually offer immense potential to become a separate asset class for market-savvy investors, arbitrageurs and speculators.

Majorly in Commodity Trading can be around

  • Metals – Gold ,Silver , Zinc , Copper
  • Energy – Crude Oil , Natural Gas
  • Agro Products – Channa , Almonds , Rise , Soybeans

To start trading in Commodity Market – you need to 1st identify Right Broker for you.

  • Brokerage – Play key part in Commodity trading. Low Brokerage Charges in Commodity trading helps lower BEP point.
  • Leverage – after Low Brokerage in MCX you need to check. Leverage provided by Broker in Commodity market during intraday.

The biggest concern of them is choosing right broker in India. But don’t worry will here to help you.

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Here is list of Best Broker in India- who provide Cheapest Brokerage Charges in Commodity market 

  1. Sharekhan :
  • Sharekhan is one of the oldest Commodity Broker in India
  • Best Broker for Beginner trader
  • Regular Market inside as well as advisory in Commodity Market
  • MCX Account Opening Charges – Rs 500
  • MCX Brokerage Charges 0.01% Intraday Brokerage ( High compare to other Leading Discount Brokerage )
  • 2 times Leverage In Intraday ( Low Compare to other Leading Broker )
  • Trade – Tiger trading terminal ( One of the best trading terminal in India )
  1. Zerodha :
  • Zerodha is Pioneer in Discount Brokerage ECO System in India.
  • Best Broker for Beginner trader as well as professional trader.
  • 22 Support Office and 500 + Support Team ( Only Discount Broking company In India who has )
  • MCX Account Opening Charges – Rs 200
  • Brokerage Commission – Rs.20 0r 0.01% whichever is lower ( Lowest Brokerage in MCX )
  • 3 times Leverage in Intraday ( High Leverage Compare to other Leading Broker )
  • Zerodha Kite / PI – India’s Leading Trading Terminal ( Best Trading Terminal for Advance trader . In-built Chart , Strategy Testing , Scanner , Super Trend , Volume Profile many more trading tools )
  • Zerodha Varsity – Knowledge interactive Blog for all your trading related query.
  1. Upstox :
  • One of the Leading Discount Broker in India
  • Lowest Account Opening Charges in MCX – Rs 150
  • Rs 20 Per executed Order Lowest Brokerage Charges MCX in India
  • Upstox allow 3 times Intraday Leverage In MCX.
  • Upstox Pro – gives you best trading terminal experience clean UI , Advance chart support you to find perfect bet in trading

Above are just few Broker you provide Best Commodity Trading Terminal with Lowest Brokerage  MCX trading account.

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Happy Trading.

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