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The share market is full of concealed possibilities. An investor needs to find a proper time to trade to achieve maximum results. If you are an amateur in trading, you must ask a trading pro. One can help you with the essential do’s and don’ts. There was a time when affording a broker was a habit of only the rich. These agents were called as the full-service stockbrokers. In interest to all sorts of exchanging services, they also give tips. It includes financing advice and trends to their customers. Then slowly, the presence of discount agents increased. People who aid in trading stocks at a lower rate, as contrasted to full-service conventional agents. 

The number of interested traders raised significantly when the idea of zero brokerage was launched.

This approach strongly attained the curiosity of all investors. In India,  stockbrokers charge on brokerage on your trades. Agents charge brokerage to clients based on % on the turnover rate of the business. Except for alternatives on options brokerage estimated on fixed per lot (for instance- Rs.80/ per lot).

Let us explain the concept of zero brokerage-

Zero Brokerage is a system where the broker offers no charge for any sort of trade. This idea was launched keeping in mind the increasing amount of agents in the Indian share market.

According to the report based on some recent study, it was found that there are many stockbrokers who claim to offer zero brokerage but in fact, they used to impose on per trade basis. Besides this, they also require upfront rates on a monthly, yearly, and lifetime basis. This reduces the value of the deal you wanted to pursue, as you will have to pay a hefty amount of money in such cases.

Benefits OF ZERO BROKERAGE trading 

The benefits of zero brokerage trading fee as per decided monthly fee-

  • In this zero brokerage concept, you don’t need to bother about the volume of your trade.
  • In this zero brokerage flat monthly fee- you don’t need to worry about how many sales you place during a particular month.
  • On a zero brokerage concept, your break-even point is more profound. This raises the possibility of a trade being profitable.
  • Very Accommodating for intraday Trader.

As far as demand is concerned, Zerodha tops the list of India’s Best Discount Brokers. The Bangalore based broker has been around for about 10 years now. It has seen a fast development in its client base. Influential name, immense popularity, and word-of-mouth may have lured you towards Zerodha. But are you still not certain? Keep calm, let us discover more.

What are the benefits of a Zero Brokerage Online Trading Account?

About 15% of India’s real trade volume comes from Zerodha. Furthermore, it’s discounted prices, secure platforms and authenticity is the reason behind the firm’s progress and position. Below explained are the benefits of Zerodha Trading. 

Here are the top advantages of Zerodha Trading. Seize the entire detail and reap the most beneficial out of its trading platform.

Discount Model

  • Zerodha imposes no brokerage on equity delivery commerce and a discounted brokerage of ₹20 or 0.03%. Whichever among the two is of the lower prices in all other NSE, BSE, and MCX – equity, futures & options, currency, and commodities.
  • Additionally, the firm has a fixed one-time account opening fee and Zerodha AMC levied solely on Demat Accounts. Exchanging accounts with the agent does not have any maintenance fees.
  • Additionally, the firm has no minimum contract cost- instead, it allows its customers a brokerage calculator to preserve clarity in the payments.

Advanced Trading Platforms

  • Zerodha is recognized for advancing next-generation trading platforms that have trading instruments, provide charting, aid in monitoring craved stocks, and gives a comprehensive analysis of stocks and records. These platforms are Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Kite Mobile App, Zerodha Pi, and Zerodha Console.
  • Also, the platform is helpful to comprehend about Margin used while executing intraday trade.
  • The console is Zerodha’s next-generation back service that aids in analytics and reporting.
  • You can build up to five wishlists on Zerodha and customize them as per your commercial purposes. Besides, Zerodha’s excellent trading instruments incorporate – span calculator, bracket orders, the provision of trailing stop-loss, syndicate intel, market monitor, options strategy, etc.
  • You can easily do Zerodha Fund Transactions to and from your account using Net Banking as well as Zerodha UPI.

Client Assistance

  • Zerodha’s interactive portal- “Z-Connect” comprises most of the client’s questions in the kind of blogs, illustrations, and interactive pieces.
  •  Besides, Zerodha Varsity is an online learning portal available free of cost to all Zerodha customers. It includes topics such as – trading & purchases, analysis of options trading, fundamental & technical analysis, etc.
  • As far as personal customer assistance is concerned, the firm has a large team in the form of Zerodha Client Care that needs the care of about a million clients and their doubts/complaints through email and phone.

Offers Unique Features

  • Apart from the above-mentioned information, the firm allows additional perks such as:
  • Trade effectively along with acknowledgment & certification under Zerodha 60-day-challenge
  • Zerodha Streak wherein customers can write, backtest, and go live on technical examination maneuverings at no extra cost.
  • Debt-free and practical negotiating experience along with QOQ growth from the beginning


You can experience all these perks only if you hold a Zerodha Account -either Trading or a Zerodha Demat Account. Negotiating with Zerodha not just includes lower risks but also needs low margins. So what are you waiting for? Open your account with Zerodha now to endure these particular benefits. 

Understand the Zero Brokerage Zerodha Free Demat Account opening procedure now. It can be achieved via online as well as offline methods.

We believe that our idea of zero brokerage and the advantages of the Zerodha online Trading account can give you a clearer idea as to whether to go for Zerodha or not. However, as flattering items may seem, as a responsible person, you need research, investigation, identification of your financial goals, and then make a decision.

Happy investing!


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