All you need to know about the Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator


Trade-in any number of shares, 10, 100, or even 1000, and the charge would remain Rs.20 per Trade. This Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator will help you to find out the actual brokerage charges of Zerodha.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator is India’s best brokerage calculator. It helps estimate your earnings and losses in any section such as stakes, products, currency, etc.

Zerodha Broker is recognized for its most reliable assistance to its consumers. As the stockbroker, it charges brokerage to its tradesmen. It has made it simpler for them to estimate the brokerage even before settling the business on their platform.
This brokerage calculator is useful to prepare and perform the trades and benefits in money control.

Let’s have a look at the most important terms for Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator

Zerodha Equity Brokerage Charges Calculator

Intraday and delivery are the most popular requests that are located on the exchanging platform.

Nearly every broker accredits less on the intraday orders than the delivery orders. Some intermediaries impose flat costs on all the shares.

This brokerage calculator on assets gives the expected brokerage prices in both BSE and NSE courses.

The calculator gives the brokerage required by the agent and additional costs like STT, Exchange and clearance prices, SEBI charges, etc.

Zerodha Equity Intraday Brokerage Charges Calculator

The brokerage calculator on Zerodha renders aspects of all the costs that are imposed during the deal.

It produces a contract note with all those details. Zerodha charges Rs.20 both for buy and sell. That signifies for one investment and one sale on an intraday, and you will be charged Rs. 40 as entire brokerage. Also, mentioned that additional charges are credited. The charges are somewhat distinct from the NSE and BSE exchanges.

Zerodha Equity Delivery Brokerage Charges Calculator

Zerodha brokerage charges calculator also measures the brokerage on the delivery contracts. The brokerage is null with Zerodha on the delivery trades.

Nevertheless, the costs like STT are very much higher when compared to Intraday trades.

The calculator also shows all the rates on the NSE and BSE exchanges. Delivery trades are the ones in which the conditions are operated on more than one trading day.

Zerodha Equity Future Charges Calculator

Similar to intraday on assets, you will be charged on the equity futures. You will be credited Rs.20 both for a buy and sell. So for a buy and sell on the day you will be priced Rs. 40 in total.

The extra costs are a little lesser when associated with intraday trading. The brokerage continues to be the same as the intraday brokerage on both NSE and BSE exchanges. STT costs are much lesser if compared to intraday or the delivery trades on assets. For the Futures operated over a day, the trader will be required to Span margin and including the usual margin. It is necessary for trading. The features of the SPAN margin will be restored on the NSE website and can also be seen on the Zerodha website.

Zerodha Equity Options Brokerage Calculator

Equities can further be bought in the form of the choice. This is a great idea if the Equity rate is too high. The brokerage on Equity options on Zerodha can also be estimated in the same process as for a Future. Zerodha requires Rs. 20 for purchase and trade that is Rs 40 in total for options. The brokerage on NSE and BSE are the same on Zerodha, but additional charges are somewhat complex. SPAN margin is also expected on Options.

Zerodha Commodity Charges Calculator

Commodities can also be purchased on the Zerodha exchanging platform. MCX is a market that helps stock trading. They require similar costs to that of the NSE exchange. The systems are also related to that of Equities on the broker. Gold, Silver, and Crude oil are the most common commodities. Stocks are purchased in derivative forms, both as futures or options. Future lots have both mega and mini lots. Small dealers can utilize mini lots if they have less capital. The earnings on mini-units are smaller if correlated to the mega lots.

With the facility of stock trading in Zerodha, it becomes more accessible for a dealer to expand the investment. In Commodity, you can either deal in Futures or Options. The brokerage on them is also equivalent to that of the equity.

To make it engaging to traders, the Futures and options hold a mega and mini lot. With these, several lots accessible Zerodha charges too.

Zerodha Commodity Future Charges Calculator

Commodity future charges are calculated by Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator. MCX requires 0.01% or Rs.20, both of them are lower. There are also additional prices required that vary slightly among BSE and NSE. Trade charges also fluctuate based on the products that are being sold on. This estimate is also accessible in the brokerage calculator with a contract note available to create.

Zerodha Commodity Option Brokerage Charges Calculator

Commodity Futures on Zerodha is required compared to that of Commodity options. The costs are 0.01% or Rs. 20, the cheaper one.

The estimation for the equivalent can also be made on the brokerage calculator on the website of Zerodha.

Zerodha Currency Charges Calculator

Zerodha also promotes dealing with Currencies on its platforms. Like a stock, you can either deal in the future or options in the money. But they do not have a mega or mini lot.

Zerodha Currency Future Charges Calculator

Currency Future Brokerage is measured by Zerodha Brokerage Charges Calculator. The least prices on the currency futures are either 0.01% on every purchase of Rs. 20, that one that is cheaper.

All the additional costs are relevant other than the brokerage costs.

Zerodha Currency Option Brokerage Charges Calculator

Related to Currency Futures, Currency options also can be patronized, and the brokerage on it is also 0.01% or Rs. 20, i.e. is lower.

Zerodha BO & CO Charges Calculator

Zerodha provides the ability for the orders to be placed under BO and CO. This type of order placement will ease the process of placing bookings with the trigger value, a target, and also a stop loss. There are no separate brokerage prices on the BO and CO orders on Zerodha.

Zerodha Span Brokerage Charges Calculator

You would not find a span brokerage calculator for Zerodha as they do not need any extra brokerage for the Span margin used.

Zerodha brokerage calculator is wonderfully described with all its complete information and serves the dealers to plan their wealth and the profits. It also assists them to calculate the Stamp duty prices based on the state you dwell in. The navigation on the brokerage calculator is also smooth and easy to follow. So that now you have learned about the calculator, you can start measuring and understanding all your expenses at one go!

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