Top 5 Best Discount Brokers for Beginners 2020

Best Discount Broker for Beginners

What is Discount Broker?

A broker who offer you lowest brokerage or cheapest brokerage compare to full service broker on your investment or trading account that’s called discount broker. In India 2010 Zerodha – Leading discount broker started this module. Before discount broker concept if you want to buy stock you have to hire stock broker who will place your trade in market and update you about your trades. But thanks to discount broker and online concept now you can directly trade from your mobile or web without using third person help. Today most of investor and trader use online terminal to trade.

Best Discount Broker for Beginners

Will discussed Top 5 Best Discount Brokers for beginners in 2020.

  1. Zerodha – Leading Stock Broker in India

Zerodha is Pioneer in discount broker concept in India. In 2010 Mr.NithinKamath started small company with few friends and staff. Now Company has more than 8.5 lacs active clients. Nithin himself is a successful professional trader for over a decade. He himself faced lot of problem as a trader and investor So he started Zerodha with vision of solve problem faced by investor and trader in India. Zerodha name derived from fusion of two words one from English (Zero) and 2nd from Sanskrit ( Rodha – Barrier. ) like Zero + Rodha = Zerodha ( Zero Barrier for trader and investor ).

Key Benefits of Zerodha:

  • Zero Delivery Brokerage
  • 20 or 0.01% whichever is lowest brokerage in all other segment.
  • Best Trading Platform – Zerodha Kite Web – Mobile ,Zerodha PI
  • 1st Discount Broker in India. Pioneer of Discount Broking concept in India
  • India’s 1st Thematic Investment Product – Smallcase
  • Zerodha Varsity – Knowledge HUB ( Interactive Blog )
  • Zerodha Kite – Web and Mobile trading app. – one of best trading app in the market
  • Zerodha Coin – Online Direct Mutual Fund Platfrom( saveupto 28 lacs in 25yrs go direct mutual fund )
  • Trading QnA – Platform for all trader and investor query
  • 22 Branch Office , 1000 + Support Team
  • Zerodha Streak – Go Algo without Coding.
  1. Upstox / RKSV

Upstox is one of the leading discount broker in India. More than 35,000 Active customers put him on 2nd place in Discount Broker Ledge. Upstox is new Brand name of RKSV Securities Pvt Ltd. Jan 2012 RKSK launched its retail broking business. Company is 1st in Industry to launch unlimited trading plans in India.

Key Benefits of Upstox :

  • Lowest Brokerage Rs 20 Flat per Order
  • Delivery Free Brokerage for BSE / NSE
  • Provide Own Demat Account
  • EASY to use HTML 5 base Trading platform
  • Partnership with Leading Software Company
  1. 5paisa – Indiainfoline Online Discount Brokerage Venture

5paisa is backed by one of the leading financial services companies IIFL. India Infoline, the parent company, was incorporated in 1995. IIFL group offers wide range of financial products through over 1000 branches.

5paisa is a IIFL discount stock broker arm. 5paisa was re-launched with new brokerage model for online retail broking services in late 2016.

Key Benefits of 5Paisa :

  • Lowest Brokerage Rs 10 Flat per Order
  • Provide Own Demat Account
  • Roby advisory Platform for mutual fund
  • Single app for all investment – Equity Trading & mutual fund investment , IPO
  • EASY to use HTML 5 base Trading platform
  1. Fyers

In India after 2010 so many broker start discount broking venture. Fyers is one of the youngest Discount Brokers in India. In 2015 Tejas Khoday started discount Broking Company Fyers its banglore base company. Fyers are group of Passionate entrepreneurs who has vided experience in stock market and pro trading. Fyers main moto is to provide the best trading experience with lowest brokerage charges. Here you can read full Fyers Review.

Key Benefits of Fyers :

  • Lowest Brokerage
  • Free Trading And Demat Account Opening Charges
  • Discount Brokerage Rs 20 Per order or 0.01% whichever is low in all other Segment like Equity Cash Intraday, Future & Option , Currency and Commodity.
  • 100 % Transparency No Hidden Charges.
  • Thematic Investment Option Free of Cost – Client can chose base on investment ideas and invest in market free of cost no delivery charges applicable.
  • Free of Cost Trading Terminal
  • Refer and earn – 20% sharing on Brokerage.
  1. Samco

Samco is online leading discount broker in India. More then30, 000 Active customers put him on 3rd place in Discount Broker Ledge. Samco is Brand incorporate in March 2015.

Samco has launched the Country’s first capital market league – Indian Trading League.

With Samco, you can invest in Stocks, debentures, commodity, currency, bonds, IPOs and ETFs. The distinguishing feature of the broker includes margin limits provided for intraday trades. Samco Rating Tool is the first and only Stock Rating tools in India. It evaluates and rate companies on a variety of different parameters including market analysis, earnings, balance sheet analysis, corporate governance and others.

Key Benfits of Samco :

  • Lowe Brokerage Rs 20 per Order or 0.02% whichever is lower
  • 4 x Delivery Leverage Product – Cash Plus
  • Stock Plus – Margin Against Stocks in Future Trading
  • Provide Own Demat Account
  • EASY to use SamcoStocknote

Infographic - Top 5 Best Discount Brokers for Beginners 2020

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