Best Stocks in 2022 : Pickup Ideas for 2023

2022 was a tremendous year for learning for every trader and investor. The year was like a rollercoaster ride with brakeless cars which could only be shown direction based on the route. In other words the markets went haywire the entire year based on news and chart movements, and no volume game could affect the index in major times during the year. It was completed being run based on the news around the globe. There were many stocks who doubled the investor’s money and even showed huge gains in the markets and the others took away a major amount of money from the investors. 

Best and Worst Stocks of 2022 of Nifty100

The best stock for 2022 gave more than 130% gain for the investors and it also belongs to one of the most glooming groups in the Indian continent or the world currently. The group name is Adani group of Companies and the stock we are talking about is Adani Enterprises. Adani Enterprises gave a growth of nearly 135% to the investors. Following the same the next company with best gains was Bank of Baroda with a 130% gain for the investors. The others in line are Hindustan Aeronautics with 127% gain, Adani Total Gas with 115% gain, Coal India with 58% gain, Ambuja cements with a gain of 56%. These companies were among the top gain providers for the investors in Nifty100.

The worst performing companies have multiple startups in their list and the worst one among them is Paytm with a wealth devaluation of 62% for the investors throughout the year. This was followed by Gland Pharma at 56% loss, Zomato at 54% loss, Bajaj Finserv at 51% loss and Fsn E-Commerce at 51% loss. The list goes on to include Wipro, LTIMindtree and Tech Mahindra as well. The reason behind the same is the inflation hit world and the Indian companies such as Wipro, tech Mahindra have their major client base in other countries like the U.S.A and U.K.

This displays that the tech based companies were the major suffering ones during the 2022 time. However there were many opportunities retained by the companies for the 2023 stock picks as well. 

2023 Stock Picks 

Sometimes the best picks for the next year lie among the worst stocks of the previous year. Yes, if someone wants to get a fixed amount of return in the neighborhood of 20 to 30% one can surely move towards the worst stocks of 2022 i.e. Paytm. The stock has been showing good financials but due to the lack of trust among its investors it has been suffering heavily in valuations. Hence one can pick it up for a good return in the next year. However, based on the updates from multiple analyst companies and brokerages, here is the list of companies that suggest a good and stable gain for the next year.


  • L&T
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • ICICI Bank
  • SBI Life
  • Tata Motors
  • HUL
  • HDFC Bank

These are the most common suggestions from all the top brokerages in India. However the investments are based on risks one can analyse these companies themselves and find out if they are worth investing or not. The reason for picking up the finance companies is the good performance so far from the Indian Finance Segment and specifically the baking companies. The ICICI Bank and HDFC bank have been the pillars for the bank Nifty’s good performance so far. With the year ahead and assuming a better financial stability than previous times, the deposit and loan disbursements are going to rise which will definitely improve the performance of these banking companies.

Apart from that the FMCG segment has HUL as the top company under its list. The company has been voted as the top pick in that segment. Talking about the automobile industry, Maruti is the best company to opt for based on the brokerage suggestions and for a developer company L&T is the best pick. However the tech segment has multiple winners under its portfolio. One can go for Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro and TCS for a good portfolio balance. 


However these are the suggested picks one can never be sure about the changing situations in the markets. Also the current market showing trend change based on fundamental news and analysis one has to be open to new strategies and clearly move based on stop loss and take profit points. Also the chart movements are the necessary guide for every investor and trader in their journey of markets. We have a separate blog based study material for the beginners to follow known as Lets Learn Trading. This is divided across 8 lessons and one can resort to the same for making better trading and investing decisions. The 8 lessons are a basic yet detailed description of the market scenario. 

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