Best Stocks To Buy In India For Beginners


We all want to buy good stocks, right? But there is a process that must be followed to find one. Here you’ll find a screener that implements the process of screening good stock. When it comes to curating the Best Stocks to buy in India for beginners, It can be an icky factor.

For people who aren’t adapted to the idea or the basics of trading, usually make rookie mistakes and end up losing their money. One needs to understand the fundamental science behind trading. Experts usually advise beginners to first learn about the market. Understanding the trends, keeping up with the high beam stocks, and keeping an eye on company records and debt load. You can either crack some time for yourself and do it on your own or you hire a financial advisor. Thus, coming to the question of best shares to buy for beginners in India?

Because to answer this question- we must first define what it intends by the best stocks? From the viewpoint of investors, these are assets that will generate the expected returns and face fewer hurdles in the stock exchange.

So for example purposes, let us consider that our anticipated return is 15% per annum. Any stock which holds the potential to generate profits of 15% or higher will be our best stock.

What is a Potential Stock?

The assets which have the strength to yield predictable returns are the “potential stocks”. Such stocks can also be broadly categorized as undervalued stocks.

Not all undervalued stocks will produce the same results. There will be a combination of stocks that can bear less than 10% returns. Another group may yield greater returns. So one thing is certain, for a stock to make the tag of being the “best”, it needs to be undervalued.

An overvalued commodity can never be the best one. Because stocks purchased at an overvalued price levels hold a strong instability to shed its value in times to come – following with negative returns.

Best Stocks to buy in India for amateurs

These are some of the best shares in India to invest in the longer run.

The stocks which have been discussed here are all well-reputed and acknowledged in their individual areas. They have great brand power in the share exchanges. They possess a genuine market stake and will be the best stock for investment in India.


  • HDFC Bank is our primary stock in the listing of Best Stocks to buy for beginners in India. 
  •  The HDFC bank has been in existence since 1994. Due to its long-living, it currently has 4727 branches all over the nation and 84325 employees operating within its hood. It has 12,220 ATMs across 2,666 cities and towns.
  •  The net sales and profits on them are also great as the data of the recent quarterly shows that the net profit earned for the last quarter till March 2019, is Rs 26333 Crores and the net profit is Rs 5885 Crores .
  • The 5 year confirms that it has accomplished a doubled profit in the last 5 years.


  • Bajaj Finance is our next stock on the list. The Bajaj Finance was founded in March 1987 as the Bajaj Auto Finance Limited which was then renamed in 2010. 
  • It is a section of finance business which trades largely in procuring finance to buyer durables India. 
  • The organization has 294 customer branches and 497 rural locations with over 33,000+ distribution points.
  •  As per the current information, the firm has assets estimating Rs 105,915 crore beneath its controlling power. The current business capitalization is at Rs 208,956.


    • The third choice comes for ITC Ltd. which was founded in 1910 and was recognized by the name Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited.
    •  Within 1970, it was renamed as the Indian Tobacco Company Ltd. The business has achieved 100 years of its appearance in the market, and now it exists in a reputed spot in the Forbes 2000 list. 


  • The recent analysis of the last quarter points that in the last quarter, the company has accomplished net transactions worth Rs 11,850 Crores, upon which profit gained is approximately Rs 3,481 Crores.



  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is our fourth stock in the list of best investments. It is the most desirable stock to purchase in India for the long term. 
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is a Maharashtra based corporation, endowed in 1933 as Lever Brothers, to produce consumer goods all across the nation.
  •  Their current study of the last quarter reveals that in the last quarter, the organization has completed net sales valued Rs 9,809 Crore, on which earnings made is around Rs 1,538 Crore.


    • Established in 1938, the Larsen and Toubro, generally known as L&T is an Infrastructure based global sector firm.
    • The corporation deals in the field such as Engineering, construction, production of goods, IT, and commercial services. 
    • It has almost 2 lakhs workers now. 


  • The recent records of the last quarter show that in the last quarter, the firm has achieved net traffic worth Rs 30,822 Crore, on which interest obtained is about Rs 2377 Crore.


We hope you found this article and our services useful.

 Frankly speaking, there are no easy answers to finding the best stocks to buy for beginners, especially. The more lasting and most reliable way of doing it is through fundamental analysis of the business or the firm you are aiming for.

An easier way is by our articles and tools. Utilizing our tools- the aim is to unearth ‘best stocks’ as precisely as possible.

Happy Investing!

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