Companies that Went Downhill as the Pandemic Striked

Corona effect o Companies

Corona effect a hockey stick is currently clearing into the world of Indian economy, leaving some without a job, others without satisfactory pay, and everybody in a disposition of fear, uncertainty, and skepticism. The appearance of the most serious fiscal crisis in the last 91 years has made the investment neighborhood like a deer in spotlights.

No one was equipped for the size and computation of the budgetary crisis confronting the world today. As a result, not even the liveliest, savviest investors had ever prepared for this kind of a global pandemic and financial depression wheeled into one.

The largest hurdle in approaching this year as a trial investor is the absence of comprehensive knowledge of the pandemic’s nature, its extent, or the likely exit from the contemporary state. No one existing today has beheld anything of this magnitude and, for once, we are faced with a commercial environment where the length of the COVID-19 crisis, its likely interpretation, and the shape of the future is completely unpredictable even 3 months after the beginning of the crisis. 

Thus, it is not unusual that most investors throughout the world have closed their cheque books to businesses looking for another shot in the arm, and now have no other alternative than to reach their runways with the resources they have on hand.

Many investors in confidential agreements are now seeming to dispose of their rapidly exhausting capital into surviving expenses they already have an investment in, with the hope of nurturing them through the mess.

While existing businesses strive to raise succeeding cycles of funding, new firms looking for grain loans will also have a troublesome time borrowing money in this climate. The lucky few that recently accumulated money or have ample funds on hand have likely put their capital in collateral, waiting for the end of the lockdown wherein their resources will possibly acquire them a lot more than they had anticipated.

As the corona effect (COVID-19) pandemic remains to terrorize the global investment bourses most Asian and European markets recorded significant losses over the economic fallout. The Indian capital exchange is witnessing a roller coaster ride.

Here are a few big named organizations that faced losses in double digits as soon as the wave hit us

  1. Indiabulls Housing Finance- Indiabulls while their Q4 results recorded an 86 percent fall in consolidated net earnings at Rs 137 crore for the March quarter due to more high-priced provisioning. The non-banking investment firm had posted a net earnings of Rs 1,006 crore during the corresponding January-March term of the previous fiscal. It was transcribed that its value went from Rs 279.70 to Rs 91.10 in a month summarizing a loss of 67.43%.
  2. IndusInd Bank – IndusInd has been at the making end even following its exposure to IL&FS arose. Its appearance in telecom and real estate further led to consideration on how much it would transpire. After the Yes Bank story – cessation on removals, IndusInd Bank’s securities were also hit where nearly 10% has hopped out in recent days due to withdrawals by state government departments. It faced losses upto 60% or maybe more where its stocks went from Rs 1,104 to Rs 440.
  3. Shriram Transport Finance Company- Finance profit fell more than two third as the organization making substantial requirements for likely errors from the Covid triggered a lockdown. Its net value for the March quarter fell to Rs 223 crore from Rs 746 crore a year earlier facing a loss of 51.40% 
  4. Piramal Enterprises- The corporation had posted a net profit of Rs 454.63 crore in January-March quarter a year ago. Its complete income from systems dropped 1.98% to Rs 3,341 crore through the quarter under examination as compared with Rs 3,408.52 crore in the identical quarter of the preceding year. The Group has determined and recognized a new conventional credit loss of Rs 1,903 crore on specific monetary assets, on a description of the predictable effect of the global health pandemic.
  5. Tata Motors- Tata Motors promulgated a consolidated net decline of ₹8,443.98 crores for the initial fraction of FY21, hit hard by the COVID pandemic. It had posted a net loss of ₹3,679 crores during the corresponding period last year. Purchases at JLR, which estimates for most of the organization`s resources, dropped over 42% during the quarter.
  6. Zee Entertainment Enterprises- ZEE’s producing income for the quarter slipped down to 3.4% to Rs 1,951.1 crore, juxtaposed with Rs 2,019.3 crore in the year-ago period, as weak macroeconomic context and the origin of Covid-19 explosion resulted in a decline in advertisement revenues. Its stocks jumped to 41% during March itself. 
  7. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services- M&M also reported a definite deterioration in net transactions during the quarter as volumes decreased across sections because of the lockdown. On a consolidated base, net purchases were down 26% year-on-year to Rs 20,182 crore through the quarter. The organization announced a pre-tax loss of Rs 1,761 crore on a basis in Q4FY20, the earliest before-mentioned instance after the July-September quarter in 2001.


 The current change is very challenging and stressful for administrators, executives, and entrepreneurs who have been taught to maximize earnings, revenues, etc. They now must plan for endurance and so should you. Their achievements in the next 18 months won’t be circumscribed by their increase or profitability, but merely by their strength to persevere and not run out of resources. 

Now that you know, where you don’t need to invest your money including these big names, you need to realize that these are just trends in this corona effect and the ‘new normal’ will arrive. Thus, look into stocks and follow the trends, maybe get some help from your financial advisor (also available in Investallign), and spend your money right.

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