What are the ingoing’s of the stock market and how do we do online stock trading?

Online Stock Trading Tips

Before the introduction of the internet in India, stock market trading was carried through offline mode itself. Stockbrokers placed orders on certain stocks on their client’s behalf and carried on their business. The stock market has progressed exponentially since then and there have been many changes in it. The best solution you can get nowadays is online trading. Online Stock Trading is the right substitute and an end to end solution to the entire stock trading business. 

What is online share trading? 

Online share trading means a person can buy and sell stocks using the online share trading account as well as the online platform. It is also a simpler digitized version of offline trading. It is simply buying and selling assets through a brokerage’s internet-based trading platform. Online trading has a large number of options for the users, with stocks, futures, mutual funds, currencies, bonds, and ETFs also being traded online now.

Which are the online stock trading platforms? 

Desktop trading software

This is a type of trading software, which has to be installed in your PC or laptop. You require an active internet connection to operate the software. All you have to do us install the software, it will simulate terminal-based trading automatically. The unique features of this software will help you to make informed decisions about share trading.

The browser or web-based platform

This platform enables you to trade directly on the stockbroker’s website. You are not required to download anything and merely require internet connectivity. You can get access to a slew of financial services from web-based platforms. These include purchasing Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), investing in Mutual Funds or bonds, and trading in derivatives. The key highlight of this platform is that it allows you instant execution of orders along with quick settlements.

Mobile trading app

Many stockbrokers now provide mobile-based apps for both Android and Apple smartphones. The advantage of these apps is that they allow you to trade while on-the-go. You can do share trading from anywhere, and at any time.

What are the differences between online and offline trading? 

Ease of Trade

Online trading can be handled by any individual. Each and every transaction is made according to the choice of the individual. There is no reference or interference from any external source. In contrast to offline trading where you need a broker to handle all the transactions. Online trading is a lot more suited for today’s generation. Any device can be used to carry out trading. All you need is an internet connection. Then transactions can be carried out in a matter of seconds. Offline trading requires the individual to approach the broker’s office. Sometimes also make detailed phone calls in order to intimate transactions. This also makes offline trading more expensive. The brokers charge a hefty amount to carry out these transactions.


Online or offline services should be selected based on the convenience of the individual. All you need is access to a laptop or mobile with a full-time internet connection and being tech-savvy. This way you can track the stock markets from anywhere. Thus, online trading is a good option for you. But no internet connection can prove to be troublesome if you want to indulge in trading on the online platforms. Making phone calls to carry out transactions are a better solution. Offline trading is also a good option for people who prefer personalized services and regular advice. Especially while contemplating any kind of transaction. Sometimes advice from a professional in the field is assuring. However, it depends greatly on the type of broker you are dealing with.


Online trading is much more secure. The individual trader has complete control over transactions made. In offline trading, brokers may carry out transactions on behalf of the client. Sometimes without the knowledge of the client. This may lead to a loss in the client’s account.

Real-time Information

To carry out trading efficiently, a trader needs full-time access. Be it to real-time information including updates on any crashes or booms in the stock market. A huge benefit of online trading is that all this real-time information is displayed on an easily accessible platform. Offline trading puts you one step behind in this aspect as the market keeps updating itself every second. The time is taken to place a call and then hit trade increases the time taken to complete the transaction.

Learning Centre For Trading Online

With the popularity of the internet and computers, offline trading has become a concept unheard of. However, before online trading facilities were there, trading was only done offline. In offline trading, you place your order to a broker who then buys or sells the shares for you. Your broker plays a crucial role here. Offline trading can be challenging, and there are several drawbacks associated with it. Which is the reason why people now, tech-savvy or not, prefer online trading.

Which type of trading is better?

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. Today we have online trading platforms everywhere. Due to this, the offline trading methods have taken a backseat. Keeping this in mind, Online Stock Trading Accounts are proving to be your best bet. It provides simple and user-friendly interfaces. Also helps with simple processes and tasks. It offers quick and excellent services to customers. There are no issues dealing with online trading. Many stockbrokers have expertise in the field. They offer unique tailor-made solutions to the clients. As a result; It is simple, cost-efficient, and comfortable. We at Investallign also are here to help you with the same. 

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