Which Indicators are the best for Intraday Trading?

Indicators for Intraday Trading

Most Accurate Intraday Trading Indicators

Which Indicators are the best for Intraday Trading? Intraday Trading sounds interesting right everyone want to be successful Trader. Because its very attractive profile where thrill and money both are there. But before we start about which indicator you should focus on intraday trading we should know what is intraday trading?

What is Intraday Trading?

Generation to generation in India People invested in stock market , in 19’s people are mostly invested in stock market. In 20’s people started trading in stock market. Its called intraday trading– where buying and selling of stocks within same trading day. Where motive is not investment in stocks but rather earn income from market regular basis. Now days a big community full time involved Day trading. For them its business or source of part time income. For intraday trading low brokerage and high exposure, Good Trading Platform, Best trading plan, And Money Management Rule is most important aspects.

As said history repeated itself concurrent event play a huge role in trading system. It is very important to understand market we use trading indicators. Primary motive for any trader or investor is make money from investing. While trader is who invest money but shorter time then investor. So many instrument offer good opportunity for traders.Trader need good trading strategy and money management working for their success. Before start intraday trading trader should be aware of risk rewards ration of that instrument and volatility of that instrument.

Useful Trading Indicator: – will discuss here few important and widely used indicators.

  1. Moving Averages:

Will discuss here different type of Moving Averages

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)
  • Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)

Above average widely used by Intraday Trader. Moving average is indicator where you can show instruments price value average of particular time frame. SMA – simple moving average is mostly used by intraday trader. When price moment change in instrument. Moving average is increased or decreased.

Stock Price close above moving average means price is in upward trend. And price in below moving average then indicate stock price in downward trend. Longer period price stay above moving average indicate strongness of market participant sentiments.

  1. MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence):

This indicator known as MACD. This Indicator MACD developed by Gerald Apple who is money manager. Its one of the best trend following indicator. Mostly used by Trader for intraday and swing trading. MACD is calculated by 12 Day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) minus by 26 Day (Exponential Moving Average) EMA. When MACD is positive value its sign for bull and MACD has negative value bear ready to take charge.

  1. Momentum Oscillators:

Its normal situation when market moment not clear and market in range bound state. That time momentum Oscillator plays their role. With help of Momentum Oscillators you will know where market breaks recent high or low or in trade in range.

  1. Bollinger Bands:

Its one of most used indicator by intraday trader. Bollinger Bands is one type of moving average indicator with Trading Range Bands. This indicator has three line one average line in middle upper range line and lower range line. This line represent of standard deviation of the stock. Which help trader to determined Trading range of particular stock?

  1. RSI (Relative Strength Index):

RSI stands very useful to understand price direction. RSI score range between 0 to 100. When price increased and cross above 70 value that time we can say market is overbought level. Same way when RSI value below 30 we can say market is oversold level. One can use this indicator for directional change precaution.

  1. Parabolic SAR:

A chart overlay that shows reversal points below prices in an uptrend and above prices in a downtrend.

  1. ADX (Average Directional Index):

It is a creation from technical analysis legend J. Welles Wilder.The ADX indicator can be used on any trading time frame to determine key turning points in the market. In addition to identifying trending markets and pivots, the ADX is also used to identify choppy markets.

Still Money Management is key for any successful trading. Read more about Money Management function here.

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