InvestAllign – Associate Program ( I Team )




As a low cost business, it is imperative that we keep our operational costs low without compromising on service or quality of the trading platform. At the same time for us to grow our business, instead of spending money on newspaper/TV Ad’s, we want to share the same with all of you(Invest Team). We call this our I Team (Work From Home).


A typical broking company spends between 10 to 15% of revenue on marketing/advertising & 30 to 40% on Paying Salary, but we decided that instead of sharing this revenue with a media company, we’d be much more happier sharing it with our I Team. Today through our work from Home program, we share 10% of brokerage revenue generated from all the clients whom you refer and who trade with us, for as long as they have an account with Us.


A lot of you refer us clients without caring about the incentive we share with you. We at Zerodha would love to share this revenue as a token to say thank you. So we would appreciate if you follow the steps for us to be able to track the people whom you referred, allocate the lead entered to our sales team, get the sales team to follow up and open an account and then share 10% of brokerage with you.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: To be part of the Work from Home Program, you need to be our client. So if you don’t already have an account with us then open an account first.(No Need to Put Money in it or Active Trader)

Step 2: Once account opened and you are satisfied with our performance and are ready to refer – Please login to our BackOffice  as shown below( To log in to our BackOffice you need internet explorer and the id/password is emailed when your account is opened with us. If you don’t have this email, please send a request to [email protected] asking for a new ITeam Welcome letter.

Loging to the e-mail link and once done click on SkyDrive as shown below:






Step 3: Enter Name , Mobile no , Email id  , Product Type & ITeam No.

Step 4: Validation Check  Please note that if the lead is already in our system, it will not let you enter again. For us lead is either mobile phone number or email id and if it is already on our system, you will not be able to enter again.

Step 5: Once lead is in the system, you can track the status of it by following these steps:








Access the ITeam Wallet status menu:

Step 6:To track the earnings and claim for the same.




Please note that the leads entered by you will be valid for 60 days and if the client doesn’t open an account in that time, it will be removed from our database. All earnings will be paid from ITeam


Happy Earning….


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