Kite : in Gujarati ( Now Trade in your local Language )

Hello Investor / Trader ,

Zerodha Launch its Web Based Trading Platform in Gujarati Language – Kite in Gujarati

Now , Zerodha Kite ready to fly in Gujarat Market with his own Regional language Gujarati

From Starting Zerodha Founder Nithin Kamath has vision that Investor and Trader trade/invest without any barrier.

1st step : Lowest Brokerage Zerodha India’s 1st Discount Broker who introduce Flat Rs 20 /- Per Executive Order irrespective of trade size. – Open Account with Zerodha

2nd Step : Transparency is must for any Trader and Investor So, Zerodha Launch 1st kind of Brokerage Calculator & Margin Calculator

3rd Step : Education is must – Zerodha dose not provide any Tip / Advisory has company believe Investor and Trader 1st Educate themselves with Market knowledge and then enter in market – Zerodha Z- Connect / Varsity / Trading Q & A has take that responsibility to Educate Investor and Trader.

4th Step : Regional Support Center – Zerodha Support / Sales Center are available in 14+ State with 35+ center.

so client can visit or call any of this center and get local support from them.

5th Step : Technology Zerodha Offer

PI – own in-house Developed Advance Charting Platform where client can trade from Chart directly , write algoZ strategy Backtest and live. and many more advance feature

Kite – Own in house developed fully HTML base very light web-base trading platform with advance charting tools and its available in 10 different Local Language ( Gujarati Trading Platform – Kite )

Q – simple and advance backoffice – where you can get tax ready P&L , Script wise Profit loss statement and many more feature

Quant – Trading insights like never before Quant provide your personal trading journal where you can check most profitable contract , script , Optimal positional sizes and more

6th step : Zerodha ( Zero + Rodha / Barrier ) prove his name when they introduce Zero Delivery Brokerage for All Investor

More to come from Zerodha like online mutual fund , Margin Funding …

Kite Gujarati Demo Click Here

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  • Zerodha Offer Zero Delivery Brokerage
  • Kite in Gujarati – Now Trade in Gujarati trading platform


  • DNA Ahmedabad – Zerodha Announces Zero Brokerage for Equity Delivery
  • Web- base Trading Portat in Gujarati – Kannada, Malayalam & Punjabi – Hindi and other Language will add soon

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  • Zerodha Announces Zero Brokerage Fee and Regional Trading Platform Kite – Launch in Gujarat
  • Zerodha Kite – in Hindi

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  • The times of india – Now , Trading Platform in Gujarati

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  • Zerodha offer Zero Brokerage in Delivery Segment
  • Zerodha Launch Kite – Gujarati Trading Platform ( India’s 1st Regional Trading Platform )

Happy Investing & Trading in Regional Language

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