What is Amibroker AFL? How to Lock Amibroker AFL?

How to Lock Amibroker AFL?

Amibroker is world famous Trading Analysis Tool. Amibroker provide best charting solution for mostly all instruments. Amibroker design such a way that you can code and back-test your trading idea. And do paper trading or direct trading from Amibroker Charting software.

Amibroker Formula Language – AFL: Amibroker has its own coding language it’s called AFL. Programming in AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) is not that different from programming language.If you are looking for a general introduction to programming any language tutorial would do because programming is not about the syntax but about general concepts such as functions, loops, variables etc. is a high level language used to create Trading systems and Algorithms. It’s very easy to learn and code. Even non programming person can learn and code in amibroker.

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How to Lock Amibroker AFL? Why you should lock your AFL? – Amibroker code by default is unlocked you can edit and see any code from your indicator library. But if you are professional trader and you have your own indicator or trading strategy which you don’t want to share with other. Then its best way is lock your afl.

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Who Should go for AFL Lock?

  • Professional advisor
  • Professional Trader
  • Technical Analyst.

By default amibroker don’t support afl protection programme. Amibroker has three different edition

  • Free Edition
  • Standard
  • Developer

Developer edition come with default templates. If you want to check then you should install developer edition .net for amibroker. Following tools and knowledge required for lock AFL.

  • Amibroker Developer edition
  • Knowledge of coding
  • Microsoft Visual Studio for converting afl into DLL
  • Knowledge of C++ & VC#
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio & SDK
  • Amibroker Formula language knowledge.

Steps to follow Lock AFL

  1. Download Amibroker Developer version
  2. Download SDK .NET for Amibroker
  3. Download Visual studio
  4. Open Visual Studio and create new project and open templates of amibroker plugin.
  5. Create name of your project
  6. Once you select ok its open new page where simple code already mentions.
  7. Write your own code into it
  8. Once your coding done press CLRL +SHIFT +B ( for building the solution )
  9. Bingo your AFL converted into DLL – under /Amibroker/.Net for Amibroker/Assemblies.
  10. Also created AFL file which has call DLL function location – /amibroker/formulas/.Net for Amibroker/SimplePlugin.
  11. Open Amibroker software where you can file simple plugin section under charting tab
  12. Check your coding name there with blue colour mark? – if yes then Amibroker recognize yourDLL coding
  13. Now open new coding function and use your created own custom function there.
  14. Done- now no one can see your code or edit it.

Benefits of AmiBroker AFL  LOCK?

  • No one can copy your amibroker formula
  • AFL is completely safe from editing
  • AFL convert in to DLL
  • You can create license
  • You can sell your amibroker coding after protecting from copy
  • DLL works in machine wise license and time wise license

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You can control your AFL online.

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