Pandemic Impact on Stock Market- Why are small businesses on thin ice?

Pandemic Impact on Stock Market

The COVID-19 mutiny has revolutionized how all of us view the world. Every portion of people’s lives in India has been affected, as well as austerity, politics, culture, and community. The influence on each of these regions has been well-documented, and a lot has been said and communicated about the financial consequences of COVID-19. The world is battling with contemporary horrors, which has left the complete world intoxicated and in the lurch as to how one disease has brought the entire world to a halt. This destructive virus which is declared by the WHO as the pandemic has obtained over approximately 195 countries in its grip.

Everything you need to know about the Pandemic Impact on Stock Market 

This microorganism is installing a very serious threat to the global economy as well, which is already in jeopardy. There is no suspicion that the Indian economy, which is already stammering, is increasing at one of the weakest rates in the last six years. And now, a new set of economic hurdles unleashed by this phage is leaving several areas in tatters.

Some insights-

Nearly 400 million bodies, which is 90% of India’s workforce, work in the unofficial sector in India, and face profound job instability. But even in the conventional sector, there is cumbersome job insecurity. There have been both layoffs and wage reductions in the private sector, in media houses, in NGOs, and corporate organizations. In some instances, the state and the courts have meddled and directed the management not to lay off apprentices during this period. But is it only circulating instructive notices enough? What about policy interventions?

 Pandemic Impact on Stock Market of MSMEs

It is essential to comprehend how the proprietors of small businesses, start-ups, and the self-employed are doing amidst this lockdown. Most of these business ventures operate the edges of the formal and informal sectors. The people serving in these areas have been regularly barred from discussions on the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been debates about paying one’s household workers, security watchmen, gardeners, and extra house aid, what about additional small firms and self-employed workers?

It is a well-known reality that in the global supply channel, China performs a pretty crucial function for India and its MSME sector as a whole, this sector is chiefly reliant on China for its raw material. For instance, Indian medicine producers source approximately 70 percent of their ingredients from Chinese companies and Chinese assets worth $30 billion. Thus, the total lockdown of China and the partial lockdown of India has pointed to numerous issues ranging from diminution of exports, suspension of production, non-availability of laborers, the possibility of consumption, and liquidity pressure in the bourse as well.

What CAIT has to say?

As per the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) which denotes 70 million dealers in India and the majority of them are MSME. Micro, meager and medium enterprise is the sector which was previously spinning under immense crisis firstly because of demonetization, then because of inadequately implemented GST accompanied by the lengthened economic retardation and finally, the most consequential of all – the COVID-19 which is going to exacerbate the pressure in this particular sector further.

As the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation has now penetrated the second stage and as many specialists are assuming that we will be subscribing to the third stage very soon that includes the scope of this pandemic from clump to the population. Later the country was put under lockdown till May 3; one thing is pretty certain that the MSME will be practicing the highest sleeper and that the distressed area will render multiple people jobless and will commence to the end of thousands of industrial outlets permanently.

India is currently sheltering above 75 million MSMEs and close to 25 percent of these firms will face closure if the lockdown inflicted due to the COVID-19. MSME makes the spine of the Indian economy and is one of the most significant sections that let the market rise by leap and bounds. The sector which affords employment to over 114 million bodies and supplies to more than 30 percent of the GDP is going within one of the dense conditions, thus efforts are needed promptly.


Indian market came to a standstill over the last few months as a countrywide lockdown to stem coronavirus unfurl shuttered stores and companies alike, suppressing consumption. Taking into deliberation, the extensive plunder wreaked by the COVID-19, the government requires to appear with a steadfast tracking tool and should proclaim urgent relief measures to shore up the belief in this very significant division which has taken a thrashing defeat due to a flurry of disturbances acquainted by the government. An incentive monetary package is needed to re-energize the exchange economy. Many nations like the USA and China have followed out many new proposals to save MSMEs from Pandemic Impact on Stock Market.


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