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Does Rs.20 Per Order Really make some change in my Trading ?


                                                      See , Illustrated Example 

Case Study  : Future segment (Nifty) 

Mr. Dhaval has 1 lac fund for Trading with M/S X company which charge him Brokerage 0.02% for intraday

Nifty Range we assume whole year – 5200 to 6200

If Mr A is a trader in Nifty futures, who wants to double his capital by intraday trading within 1 year, then see the calculation below and see why a low brokerage is absolutely MUST to achieve this aim.

                                                   Who – Traders in Nifty Futures

                                           Aim – Double a Capital of 1 lac in 1 year

                                    How – Trade in Nifty Futures on Intraday Basis

With a Capital of Rs.1 lac, you should be able to trade in 4 lots of Nifty Futures at current rates & for doubling your money , need to earn 500 Nifty Points.


If he trade in Nifty than , approximate working days 200 , considering that we are trading on daily & Intraday Basis ,

You need to earn 500 points / 200 Days : Rs.2.5 Point Per day

 Looks Difficult to earn Rs.2.5 Point per day ?


But control your excitement  and see below

Total No. of Days  = 200 (Approximate )

Total Point to be earned in Nifty  = 500 points

Total Expected Money to be earned  in a Year = Rs. 1,00,000 ( 500 points * 4 lot * 50 lot size)

Assuming that all our trade wont be convert into profit so ,

He does 2 Trades per day

Total No. of Trades Per Day =

Total Turnover Per day = Rs.44 Lacs  ( Avg nifty range 5500 *50 lot size * 2 (BUY & SELL) * 4 ( Traded lot) * 2 ( times trade in a day)

Total Brokerage Per day = Rs.880 (44,00,000 (Turnover Per Day) * 0.02% ( Brokerage)

Total Brokerage Per Year = Rs.1.76 Lacs ( Rs.880 Brokerage Per Day * 200 Day of Working )

Net Profit / Loss  = Total money earned – Brokerage – Statutory Charges  = Rs.  1,70,000 Loss  { Rs. 1,00,000 profit  — 1,76,000 Brokerage —  94,000(Approx) }

Doing Profit is not in control of us but Saving of Brokerage is !!!!!!

How ?

If Mr. Dhaval  pay Rs.20 per Order than Brokerage to be paid by Mr.X is just Rs.16000

Saving almost 91 % of his Brokerage , 

Penny saved is Penny earned !!!!

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