What are Some Major Learnings from Stock Market : Teachers Day Special


The Stock Market has been a great home for learning since its inception. The one single reason behind this is failure and constant learning. Yes it is the house of failure where there are cracks of opportunities. There is not a single person in the entire world who hasn’t faced a setback while dealing into markets. However one always learns from his or her mistakes and moves on to make trades again. This is how the cycle of the Stock market works. One needs to be always attentive and constantly active if invested in the same. Like other schools this is not a time bound process, however there goes a lot of analysis and back hand work for perfect execution. Now lets see what are some of the major mistakes one makes and on other hands major learnings from the markets.


One needs to be patient after execution of trades. In the investment pattern, there is no worry as the company would definitely gain in one or the other manner. However in the trading pattern, one needs to continuously hold and switch positions. If there is any hassle in the trades then it is bound to attract more losses. This is mostly in case of early birds. The newcomers gain a fistful of profits from trades and then when they suffer from their first big loss, they quit the position and settle for a higher loss than profit earned.

If the stocks picked up are fundamentally strong it is the market’s rule that one day or another it will come back to its original pricing and then bounce back again. Hence when it is trailing into a range bound pricing then never square off position. However, hold it and wait for the big gain or major fall. IT will definitely cover 60% of your losses in the upcoming 2 to 3 weeks.

Analysis is Must

One should never trust the floaters in the market. However one should focus on personal research and analysis. It is not that the news is always wrong. They might be useful. However having your own research and analysis will render you a great boost in confidence in that particular stock. Even if the stock takes a hit for a long time you can have that patience and strength to sit tight and wait for your target to come. There are many such great examples in the market today for such scripts.

For instance, let’s take all the banks. Due to COVID the banks were trailing at 70% less amount than what they are currently. However with the advancement of time they not only regained their original position but also achieved 30 to 50% returns into their pre-COVID price levels. Hence self analysis can be useful for assured profits and confidence gain.

Ego Leads to Constant Failures

One needs to understand that the market never runs as per one’s wishes or intentions. It is always based on the demand and supply theory. If the demand is more, then buying will be more and this will lead to better returns for markets. Hence if a person thinks that his call of short sell in a bull rally will be viable and sits tight for that position for a longer duration of time, it is bound to attract more failures. On the other hand he is also missing the opportunities of gaining high from the other stocks in such a bull rally.

Hence never be egoistic in markets, be flexible. High flexibility attracts major opportunities in this market.

Never be Depended on One Script

Be diversified with your portfolio. While trading or investing one should always be thinking of a diversified portfolio. While trading one should think to hedge his or her position or to have shares from different sectors into view. This will attract the benefit of complete losses. The reason is one or the other sector always runs in the market to keep the balance. If the stock picked up is good and fundamentally strong it will definitely react to market movements and protect you from high losses.

For investing, having more stocks from different sectors will not only create diversity but by time span going by it will also generate stable profits that can be reinvented. For instance the investors use one common strategy. This is to keep profits in the scripts one has gained from and to create new positions from your initial investments. This will lead to major portfolio diversification with the passage of time.

Stock Market Info.

Hence being patient and diversified is the key to higher earnings in the market. One should also be fueled up with proper knowledge and have access to the best brokers. We at installing boost your knowledge through daily blogs and market updates and provide you with best facilities to execute trades. To join our community visit this link and for any updates from our daily blogs visit this link.

Always remember one thing, it takes a lot of time to earn profits and just a few moments to suffer from heavy losses. Hence always be cautious while executing trades into the markets.

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