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Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for 2019

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Mr. Raval is an Intraday and Swing trader.  Everyday he sits down to analyze how many shares he wants to buy or sell the next day, at which price he wants to buy or sell, what would be the target price and what would be the stop loss price. The only problem is, even after having 90% accuracy with all these trades, Mr. Raval ends up with profit less than expected.


Because Mr. Raval doesn’t know how much trading charges he is paying for different types of trades.

Mr. Raval deals with various kinds of trades like Equity, Futures & Options, Commodity and others. For each trade, he just has a slight idea that he is paying low as compared to other discount brokers but not the exact idea.

To know the exact profit he will earn from his predetermined trades, he has to calculated all-inclusive brokerage charges.

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But calculating brokerage charges is a tedious process. Not only he has to sit down with a calculator for transaction charges, he also needs to be aware of how many charges are there, difference between Intraday charges and Swing trading charges, charges variations among equity, F&O, commodity, etc. Acquiring knowledge regarding other puzzling charges like STT, Stamp Duty, and GST is also a necessity.

Let’s just say, after spending hours in reading and researching all these details, he learned it all with quick notes to refer any time. How many chances are there that he won’t end up in a mess?

Pretty low, right?

And how much time it takes to calculate all trades in a day, keeping in mind, you have to spend time on your analysis too? Meanwhile, who will keep the track of changes in charges introduced every now and then by SEBI?

This is where you need a one-stop solution to all. Something that can cut down this day-long process in a minute.

Here’s your solution: Zerodha Brokerage Calculator.

What is Zerodha Brokerage Calculator?

It’s a calculator taking hardly a minute to let you know how much profit you will earn from your trades after deducting all charges. This calculator takes care of transaction charges, GST, SEBI charges, and Stamp Duty Charges. In extras, it will also inquire you about total turnover per transaction.

Why Zerodha Brokerage Calculator?

Brokerage charges are not limited to calculating calculating asset classes like Equity, Commodity, F&O and others. It stretches up to knowing the Stamp Duty charges as per your own state.

Plus, there is a vast difference between brokerage charges when you switch from NSE to BSE stock buying or selling.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator covers it all without taking your valuable time. A few inputs and you will be given the amount of final net profit.

Some Glimpses of Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

Some Glimpses of Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

How to use Zerodha Brokerage Calculator?

Using Zerodha Brokerage Calculator is a 3-Step process taking only a minute to know the final profit you would be earning from your next day trades.

Let’s go through this process with an example. First of all, let’s assume you decided to buy HDFC shares, for Intraday, in your next day trading session.

This is your Ready-to-Go List:

  • Current Price  :   Rs.1980 per share
  • Buying Price   :   Rs. 2000 per share
  • Sell Price         :   Rs. 2050 per share
  • Stop Loss        :   Rs. 1975 per share
  • Quantiy           :   100 Shares

Your 3 step process to use Zerodha Brokerage Calculator includes

  1. Open the Calculator
  2. Go to “Intraday Equity” section

Put Buy & Sell Price and Quantity of Shares

Process to use Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

Your net profit will be Rs. 4885.66.

It will take merely a second for this calculator to come up with the final profit.

Same process goes for other trades like Delivery Equity, Futures & Options, Currency and Commodity.

With a single click from NSE to BSE, your charges will be modified automatically.

Note: This calculator doesn’t include Stamp Duty Charges as it differ state wise. You can simply select your state given at the end of the calculator to know your Stamp Duty charges.

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Eliminate Your Time Waste

With Zerodha Brokerage Calculator, you will eliminate your time-waste process of calculating brokerage charges for different types of trades. Plus, you don’t have to check other sites to know what the Stamp Duty Charges of your State are. This calculator takes care of all, saving your time to be utilized for other Stock analysis process.

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