AMBO Agritec Ltd IPO : Key Information and Company Highlights

AMBO Agritec Ltd initiated its business operations in 1994. The company is based in Kolkata and manufactures biscuits, Edible Oils etc. It is also involved in trading and outsourced manufacturing of other Bengali Specialty products and Crude Linseed Oil. Its Biscuit brand name is Happy Bites and the edible oil is sold under brand name Happy Heart. 


AMBO Agritec Ltd IPO is set to launch on 21st Nov., 2022. The subscription timeline extends till 24th Nov., 2022. The size for the IPO is 10.20 Crore Rs.. Shares issued through fresh issues are worth 10.20 Crore Rs. No Shares are issued through Offer For Sale mode. The lot size is 4000 shares and the price is 30 Rs per share. The company is going to get listed at BSE SME. The face value per share is Rs. 10 and this is a price fixed issue. The registrar for the company is Cameo Corporate Services Limited.


IPO OPENING DATE 21st Nov., 2022
CLOSING DATE FOR IPO 24th Nov., 2022
ISSUE TYPE Fixed Price Issue
Face Value per share 10 Rs. per share
IPO price band 30 Rs.
LOT SIZE 4000 shares
ISSUE SIZE 10.20 Crore Rs.
OFFER FOR SALE No shares Issued
FRESH ISSUE 10.20 Crore Rs.
LISTING DATE 2nd Dec., 2022


IPO OPENING DATE 21st Nov., 2022
CLOSING DATE FOR IPO 24th Nov., 2022
IPO ALLOTMENT DATE 29th Nov., 2022
REFUNDS 30th Nov., 2022
DEMAT A/C CREDITED ON 1st Dec., 2022
IPO LISTING DATE 2nd Dec., 2022

AMBO Agritec Ltd IPO begins for subscription from 21st Nov., 2022. The IPO subscription would continue till 24th Nov., 2022. The allotment status for the shareholders who applied would come on 29th Nov., 2022. The refunds for the ones who did not get allotment would be initiated on 30th Nov., 2022. The DEMAT accounts of shareholders would be credited on 1st Dec., 2022. The listing of the company would be accompanied on 2nd Dec., 2022.

Lead Managers

The lead managers are :

  • Finshore Management Services Private Limited

The minimum lot size for the company is decided at 4000 shares. This holding accounts to  120000 Rs.. The maximum lot size is decided at 4000 shares. This amounts to 120000 Rs.. Hence the company’s final holdings would be set as :

  Shares Amount
Minimum 4000 shares 120000 Rs.
Maximum 4000 shares 120000 Rs.


  • For General corporate purposes.
  • The funds may also be used towards working capital requirements.


Particularly (in Lakh Rs.) 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20
ASSETS 2553 2212 2113
Revenue 9485 4717 7428
PAT 119 19 32

AMBO Agritec Ltd has an asset base of 2553 Lakh Rs. in 2022. The company has a record of increasing its assets every year. The company has an asset base of 2113 Lakh Rs in 2020 which increased to 2212 Lakh Rs in 2021. This increased to 2553 Lakh Rs. in 2022. The same has also increased substantially in 2022. The revenue was 9485 Lakh Rs in 2022. However the revenue took a major dip in 2021 to 4717 Lakh Rs. This can be because of COVID crisis. However the same in 2020 was 7428 Lakh Rs. Hence the revenue is increasing at a good pace which can be seen in 2022. 

The profits of the company are extremely satisfying in 2022. The company made a profit of 119 Lakh Rs in 2022 which was just 19 Lakh Rs in 2021. This means it increased its profits by 100 Lakh Rs. Also the profits of 2020 were 32 Lakh Rs. Hence from 32 Lakh Rs the profits took a dive to 19 lakh Rs in 2021 which could be again due to the COVID crisis. However in 2022 the company made a huge gain of 119 Lakh Rs which is the highest among the last 3 years of its financial track record.


  • AMBO Agritec Ltd is involved in manufacturing, outsourced manufacturing and trading of multiple products like biscuits, Edible Oils, Vanaspati, Soybean Meal etc.
  • It processes its sales under brand name Happy Bites, Ambo Gold, Max Health, Vanaspati 2000 and Happy Heart.


  • The company works in a highly competitive segment.


It is very easy to apply for an IPO now if you have a DEMAT account with Zerodha. Follow the steps below for the same :

  1. Logging into Zerodha console through its website or KITE platform.
  2. Clicking the IPO link present in the Portfolio section.
  3. Click the AMBO Agritec Ltd IPO button and press the BID button.
  4. Entering the details asked for like UPI ID, Quantity and price.
  5. Submit the application form for the IPO.
  6. Visiting the application of UPI for approving the transaction.

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