Best stock market investors Of India : Their Major Holdings and Net worth

Best stock market investors

Indian stock markets have witnessed the rise and downfalls of many investors. Many were involved in scams and others faced heavy losses. The stock market is known to make people rich in a small time frame and poor over a night’s sleep. The top investors in the market today are not traders but they have long term plans while holding pr buying a script. They plan to take controlling interest in the company as well sometimes. These investors look at the market trend and pick the losers which have the potential of becoming future Nifty50 stocks.

Portfolio Characteristics Or Pattern Of The Ace Indian Investors

The major factor that is common in all the top investors is that they never ever invest big into Nifty50 stocks. Their major holdings are into mid cap or small cap shares and up to some extent in companies which a common person has never heard about anytime in his or her market career.

The investors balance their portfolio with holdings across various sectors so that if one sector suffers heavy losses the gain from others settles their losses. Hence They believe in diversifying their portfolio and balancing the risk factor of it. They have holdings in more than 10 to 20 companies but their major holdings are limited to 3 to 4 companies. In today’s time the best investors in India include Radhakrishna Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia, Raamdeo Agarwal etc.

List Of The Top Investors In India

Radhakrishna Damani 1,16,205 Crore Rs.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala 22000 Crore Rs
Raamdeo Agarwal 1003 Crore Rs
Vijay Kedia 400 Crore Rs
Dolly Khanna 280 Crore Rs
Ashish Kacholia 700 Crore Rs
Ashish Dhawan 1140 Crore Rs.
Nemish Shah 1180 Crore Rs
Amit Shah 200 Crore Rs

Portfolio Holdings And Investment Techniques of The Ace Investors

The journey of the Ace investors and their strategies along with their major holdings are listed below :


He is the best investor in India till date. Mr. Damani is the major promoter of Avenue Supermarket and holds more than 56% stake in it. The current market value of D-mart or Avenue Supermarket is 2925 Rs. Damani initially worked with bear market leader Black cobra. He has spent more than 30 years investing into the stock market. His initial strategy was shorting and earning money. Later on after the Harshad Mehta Scam he and his colleague Rakesh Jhunjhunwala decided to leave the bear cartel and start investing. That was the time he started having 5 to 10 year long investments. He not only invests in blue chip stocks but also prefers investing into low profile companies.

His major holdings in current period are :

  • Avenue supermarket
  • VST industries
  • Bright star investments
  • 3M
  • TV 18
  • Blue dart
  • Foods and inns
  • Advani hotel
  • India cement
  • TV today
  • Sundaram finance


He is among the top 50 richest men in India. Rakesh jhunjhunwala is also known as the Big bull of Indian stock markets. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala began investing in college. He had 7000 Rs initially when Sensex was 150. Today he is worth 22000 Crore Rs and also owns an investment company named RARE Enterprise. He also has controlling interest in two companies – Aptech and Hungama entertainment. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a member of BOD in Geojit Financial services, Prime Focus Ltd, Bilcare Ltd, Provogue Ltd., Praj Ltd., Midday Multimedia and many more. He considers Radharkrishna Damani as his idol for investing. Both of them worked closely together under Manubhai as a bear cartel. Their roles are featured in the Harshad Mehta Scam 1992 as well.

His major investments are :

  • Titan
  • Aptech Ltd.
  • Hungama Entertainment
  • Prime Focus Ltd
  • Geojit Financial Services
  • Provogue India Ltd.
  • Concord Biotech Ltd
  • Nagarjuna construction Ltd
  • Viceroy Hotels Ltd.
  • Tops Securities Ltd
  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Rallis India
  • Mandhana Retail ventures
  • Agro Tech Food Ltd.
  • Delta Corp
  • Crisil Ltd.
  • Escorts
  • TV 18
  • Federal bank
  • Wockhardt Ltd
  • Lupin
  • Tata Communications and many more


Ramdeo Agarwal is not only a successful investor but he is also the co-founder of the brokerage firm Motilal Oswal Financial Services. Mr. Agarwal and his family jointly own more than 36% share in the company. He is the son of a farmer and came to Mumbai for further studies. There he met Motilal Oswal and after meeting him both of them started a brokerage firm. Ramdeo Agarwal had made 10 Lakh rs in the early stage of his market career. During the bullish trend due to Harshad Mehta’s investments, his investments grew 300 times and he made 30 Crores From his portfolio.

After the exposure of the scam his portfolio value came down to 10 crore Rs. this was the time he realised he needed to change the investing  strategy he uses. After that he started following Warren Buffet and focused on having few quality stocks. He cut short his entire portfolio of 225 shares into 15 shares. His major investments were Eicher motors, Hero honda and Infosys. He started using the QGLP method and invested into stocks based on it. The QGLP method translates itself as Quality, Growth, Longevity and Price. This concept of wealth creation is well explained in HOW TO CREATE WEALTH.

The major holdings by Ramdeo Agarwal today are :

  • Motilal Oswal Financial Services
  • Maharashtra Scooters Ltd.
  • Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd.


Vijay Kedia is a successful investor who wasn’t interested in stepping into a brokerage business occupation. Due to the death of his father he had to take over his business and hence he joined the stock market. Vijay Kedia strongly believes in the SMILE principle. It means Small size, Medium experience, Large aspirations and extra large market potential. He came to Mumbai after quitting his brokerage business to try his hand on trading and investing. He picked up three stocks as per his research which were Aegis logistics, Atul Auto and Cera sanitaryware which all converted into multibagger sin 10 years and his portfolio and wealth increased by 150%.

By his investment techniques he became the bull of the market. He was successful because of his predictions regarding the market trend. He is a strong believer in picking up companies which no one has heard about and investing in such low profile but quality companies.

The major holdings by Vijay Kedia are :

  • Innovators Facade systems Ltd.
  • Repro India Ltd.
  • Tejas Networks Ltd.
  • Vaibhav Global
  • Atul auto
  • Cera sanitary ware
  • Lykis Ltd.
  • Panasonic energy
  • Sudarshan chemicals Ltd.
  • Everest Industries
  • Affordable robotic and automation Ltd.


The main lesson learnt for becoming a successful investor is that one should not pick up NIFTY50 companies but search for hidden gems in the market. Hidden gems are the one’s which would get converted into the NIFTY50 of the future. The financial analysis of the company’s balance sheets and statistical analysis of the company’s financial ratios is a very important factor that one investor should be aware of.

Also investors should look at the larger picture. They should focus on the returns available in the long run and not get carried away or upset with short term losses. The major lesson is to balance the portfolio holdings and keep searching for better shares. More the diversification in portfolio less is the individual’s risk resulting from market uncertainties. Also one should believe in the quality of stocks which have great upside potential rather than to opt for quantity of shares.

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