Quarterly Results (Part 3) : Dmart, Justdial, HDFC Bank and others

Quarterly results are coming in quickly and the markets are also adapting to the rising profits and better financials of the companies for this quarter. The markets have shown a slight upside movement given the strong buying shown in the technology sector. The reason was a better financial performance. The FII has become the net buyer after 18 consecutive sessions with an amount more than 200 Crore Rs. Alongside them DII have also been net buyers with close to 100 Crore Rs of buying.

The major results declared in the latest series are of JustDial, Dmart, SBI Cards and HDFC Bank. All of them are the major companies into their segments. 

Quarterly Results : JustDial

The local search platform has presented a 3 times jump in the profit figures on a YOY basis. The company has posted a profit of 75 Crore Rs. A year ago the same figure was 19.39 Crore Rs. The net revenue of the company was also up by almost 40% at 221 Crore Rs from the previous 158 Crore Rs on a YOY Basis. The company’s total expenses have also peaked at 204 Crore Rs or 25% higher than the previous quarter’s expenses. 

The major note to take is the advancement in the number of unique customers at the search engine. The company reported that the number of unique customers was up by 9.8%. The same was 16% this quarter meaning that out of all the customers 16% were new customers. Another important announcement from the board was the involvement of Anshuman Thakur and Dinesh Takuja as Additional directors.

Quarterly Results : DMART

RadhaKrishna Damani led Avenue Supermarts or DMART showed a better performance report from the previous year’s quarter of the same timeline. The revenue of the firm was up by 25% to 11570 Crore Rs. Hence a stellar increase in revenue was noticed in the company’s financial reports from 9218 Crore Rs of revenue in 2021. The profits of the company also increased by 6.6%. The same was 553 Crore Rs in previous year which increased to 590 Crore Rs in this year’s Oct- Dec quarter. 

The revenue increase is matching the estimates put forward by the analysts for the company. However on the other hand the profit figures of the company are lower than the estimates. Also the net profit for the firm in the second quarter of this financial year was 685 Crore Rs. Hence the profit figures on consecutive quarterly basis are less by 13.8%. 

However the EBITDA is 965 Crore Rs which is 11.5% more than the previous year’s 866 Crore Rs. The margin of the company declined from 9.4% to 8.3% on a YOY basis. Currently the company has a fleet of 306 stores after adding more 4 stores in this quarter. This takes the overall added store number for this financial year at 22 stores. For the store number the analysts expected 12 stores to be added this quarter. For expansion talks the DMART READY chain of e-commerce has extended its services to 4 more cities making it a total of 22 cities across India. 

Quarterly Results : SBI Cards

The company has shown a stellar record breaking performance by its net profit increase of 43.5% on a YOY basis. The profit was recorded at 553 Crore Rs. The Net interest income of the company is expected to get a rise of 23.3% to 1228 Crore Rs and the same for Pre-provision operating profit is expected to get a rise of 14.8% in the detailed financial declaration. The amount for the same was 1313 Crore Rs. 

Quarterly Results : HDFC Bank

The bank recorded a stellar increase in profit at 18.5%. The net profit of the firm was 12259 Crore Rs which has increased from 10342 Crore Rs. The Net interest income of the firm was 22879 Crore Rs which was up from 18443 Crore Rs. This was by 24.60% on a YOY Basis. The quarterly provisions were recorded at 2806 Crore Rs which is down from 3240 Crore Rs as recorded in the second quarter of this financial year. The revenue of the firm has grown by 18.3%. The revenue figures were 31487 Crore Rs this quarter which was 26627 Crore Rs in the previous year’s quarter. 

The other income was up by 15.4%. The debt to asset ratio of the company has improved as it stands at 9.18%. The total cost to credit ratio stood at 0.74% which was recorded at 0.94% previously on a YOY basis. Net NPAs recorded were at 0.33% of the net advances. However in the 2nd quarter of this financial year the bank recorded a jump of 22.3% in the net profit. The current share price of the company is valued at 1608 Rs. 

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