Richest In India : Hurun List for Indian Riches


India has been the attraction this year for the entire world. From speedy corona recovery to growth in Economy and increasing Equity Markets, India has been dominating the world. This makes the riches of India more prone to increasing their wealth with such a tremendous growth rate in all segments. This year has been outstanding for many billionaires in India. There have been families like Adani who have earned as much as 1000 Crore Rs per day this year. There have been many modifications in the rankings of the richies in India this year. 

Rank Name  Wealth
1 Mukesh Ambani and Family 7.18 Lakh Crore
2 Gautam Adani and Family 5.05 Lakh Crore
3 Shiv Nadar and Family 2.36 Lakh Crore
4 S.P. Hinduja and Family 2.20 Lakh Crore
5 LN Mittal and Family 1.74 Lakh Crore
6 Cyrus Poonawala and Family 1.63 Lakh Crore
7 RadhaKrishna Damani and Family 1.54 Lakh Crore
8 Vinod Shantilal and Family 1.31 Lakh Crore
9 Kumar Mangalam Birla and Family 1.22 Lakh Crore
10 Jay Choudhary 1.21 Lakh Crore

Mukesh Ambani and Family

Mukesh Ambani is the richest individual in India and runs Reliance Industries. For every day this year Mukesh Ambani and Family made 163 Crore Rs. This has not been a significant jump in comparison to the business size and opportunities last year. However he and his family enjoy the privilege of being at the top. Mukesh Ambani was also a part of the Richest across the world Hurun List. He ranked 8th in the List. The change and increase in the net worth of Ambani is 9%. The family resides in Mumbai. The business venture of Mukesh Ambani is about to develop a new arm with the addition of green energy in their business ventures. Along with this the selling of mobile phones is something that adds up into the business portfolio.

Gautam Adani and Family

The family has been winners of the world this year. Gautam Adani and his family added close to 1000 Crore Rs every day this year. This has caused the family wealth to increase by 261%. This is the most by any person this year in the entire world. The Family owns and runs Adani Group. The wealth increase is majorly due to the increased valuation of every Adani owned company. The value of every company has increased by multiple times.

Shiv Nadar and Family

The family owns HCL Technologies. The share valuation of the company has picked up since the COVID devaluation. The family’s wealth increased by 67% this year. The major cause is the increased share valuations. The family has maintained its third position since the last list.

S.P. Hinduja and Family

The Hinduja Family slipped two places and became the 4th Most wealthiest family in India. The family increased its wealth by 54% this year. They increased their wealth by 209 Crore Rs. every day.

LN Mittal and Family

The family owns the Arcelor Mittal business. They have been moved up by 8 places to gain the 5th position in the richie’s list. The family gained almost 312 Crore Rs. every year. This gain is close to 187% return on their wealth.

Cyrus Poonawala and Family

Cyurus Poonawala has contributed a lot to the current situation with their company’s installed capacity of vaccine production. Serum has proved to be a game changer for India in the current situation. The wealth of the Poonawala family increased by 74% this year. The family gained 190 Crore Rs. this year. The ranking of the Poonawala family has remained the same since last year.

RadhaKrishna Damani

The owner of Avenue Supermarkets or D-mart has been ranked the 7th most rich family in India. The family made a tremendous gain of 77% this year in their wealth. This amounts to 184 Crore Rs. gain every day this year.

Vinod Shantialal Adani and Family

Vinod Adani is the older brother of Gautam Adani. He stays in Dubai but is an Indian. The gain in his wealth is also tremendous like his younger brother. He and his family gained close to 212% this year making him the 8th most richest person in India. He has jumped 12 places for gaining this position. The gain for the Vinod Adani family is almost 245 Crore Rs every day. The gain has been a result of robust price increase in the Adani stocks.

Kumar Mangalam Birla and Family

Aditya Birla group owners are the 9th richest family in India. The family has gained 13 places to gain this position. There have been a number of reasons for such a rise but one of them is definitely Airtel. The share valuation of Airtel has given 2 times returns since last 6 months. The family has gained 230% returns in their wealth since the last year which is close to 242 Crore Rs every day. 

Jay Chaudhary 

He owns the Zscaler company and resides in San Jose. He gained almost 85% returns on his wealth this year. This amounts to 153 Crore Rs gain every day since 2020.

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