World Cup 2023 and Stock Picks Based on the Event

The World Cup is one of the most engaging events in the world. This is a stage where all the countries and their people come together to share a platform and hence the exposure of business is very large in such events. The Cricket world cup this year around was held in India wherein the final match was between Australia and India where India lost the match and hence the World Cup campaign was concluded. The entire world cup has been a major source of income for many Indian companies and multiple segments due to the large number of people attending this huge event. Before the start of the event it was calculated that the economy will get a boost of approximately 13500 Crore Rs from this event. Various interlinked segments and sectors have benefitted from this event and the major ones are as follows.

Segments with Maximum Benefit

The major segments and business models that have benefited from the world cup are QSRs,  Food linked businesses, Aviation and the businesses related to it, Hospitality and the related sectors, Online game betting applications, Ticket booking applications, payment companies and banking sector, retail businesses, garment industry, media and entertainment, travel etc. Overall the economy of India has received a mega boost. 

Listed Companies with Major Benefits

Reliance Industries

The company has recently launched a new beverages brand named Capa Cola. Alongside it the company owns many food and beverages brands and it directly got benefit from the world cup event. Also the electronic business of Reliance Industries had received a boost from the world cup campaign. Reliance Industries also owns Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited who had a mega role in cable operations in the Tier 2 cities. Hence the company’s revenue received a huge boost due to the world cup event.

Indian Hotels Company Limited

The company is actively involved in the hospitality business in India with a holding of multiple brands named Vivanta, Taj, Ginger, SeleCtions, The Gateway, Trails etc. The entire tournament was held across ten states in India and the company had multiple hotels operating in this region and hence its revenue boosted due to the same. Also if anyone checks the hotel booking rates during the world cup matches they were as high as anyone could imagine. On the day of India V/S Pakistan the hotel bookings were close to 50000 Rs per day charges on an average basis in 4 and 5 star hotels. 

Jubilant Food Works

The company owns one of the dominant pizza chains in India Domino’s Pizza. It also owns the Dunkin Donuts and had recently launched a new homegrown brand named Hong’s Kitchen. If anyone would have visited the stadiums they would definitely see a shop of Domino’s Pizza over there. Also the company;s revenue received a mega boost due to the cost effectiveness of the products served by it.

Varun Beverages

The company is a PepsiCo distributor in India. The sale of its products skyrocketed due to the warm weather in India while the World Cup campaign was going on. Also the soft drink sales, various partnerships, promotional campaigns etc. led to the boost into sales. The sporting events are one of the most powerful events for the boost of beverage sales and hence Varun Beverages LImited was a key benefactor from the entire event.


The flight travel has been receiving a huge upside in sales but still for the major class of people in India flight tickets are still a form of luxury and very costly at the same time. Thus Rail travel is the way to go for the majority of people. IRCTC has been expanding its business into various segments like ticketing business, providing holiday packages, e-wallet services, payment gateway etc. Hence the increase in the number of people going out to watch a match, the more boost in the business of IRCTC. Hence the company received a mega upside in revenue due to the world cup event.


We talk about people going out and enjoying the live event, but how can we forget the gathering of families to witness the ebt love. The first name that comes to everyone’s mind before ordering food is Zomato. The Zomato platform has been a mighty source of food orders since the past many years for Indian people. The company also benefits from other schemes such as Zomato gold memberships, paid delivery charges, commission from hotel food sales etc.

InterGlobe Aviation

Since the event has been conducted across 10 locations, the business of aviation companies was on the upscale. IndiGo is one of the most trusted brands in the aviation industry these days. The company offers air transport, cargo handling, ticket booking etc. Because of the dominant role in the aviation industry with 63% share it was the biggest benefactor from the aviation industry in the world cup event.

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